Having A Sugar Daddy

I felt respected by the guy I thought of as  a sugar daddy.

Daddy David! David (not his real name but the name he first gave when we met online) was a powerful force in my life. David. He called himself David. I added ‘Daddy’.

I was single. I was working at a corporate job where I had influence and made more money than I ever had. I decided it was a good time to meet people and joined an online dating site.

He was an out of towner. I liked that in a date. It meant they came to the city often enough to look for a date but didn’t have the clinginess of someone who could pop by any time.

I was still naïve about men, and dating, when I met him. I’d only managed to date gangsta’s, abusers, couch potatoes and men who gambled my rent money until I met DD.

Unless it was a ‘one-off date’ where a cool guy picked me up at my ghetto home and when I didn’t fuck on the first date I never saw him again? I had so many of  those.

Until, Daddy David.

We talked online for several weeks before meeting. I was working at the time so I arranged to take a half day vacation and meet him at his hotel around 3pm for an early cocktail.

He called early in the day to say he had an unfortunate meeting come up, but he had booked me into the hotel spa for a mani/pedi and he would meet me in the hotel bar afterward for a cocktail before dinner. (That was the best ‘I’m gonna be late’ call I have ever received!)

About that first date?

Even though I nicknamed him ‘daddy’, David was younger than me. When I got to the hotel bar I was nervous and wondering if he would like me. He was so kind. He thought I was beautiful. He came across as a bit nerdy (in look and demeanor) which made me more comfortable. But he was handsome, very intelligent, and we had a great conversation.

So why not take it to another venue? We hit three restaurants. One for steaks, one for dessert, one for night caps. Then he asked if I wanted to go to his hotel. I DID!! Even though I didn’t want to put out? I didn’t work the next day. I thought about gourmet breakfast…  and I decided.

“Sure,  I’ll come back to your hotel room!”

SUPRISE ME! It wasn’t sex he wanted. He had cocaine available. I did a couple lines  to be polite and keep me awake. However, cocaine is not my friend (I have allergies to that family of drug) and I usually turn it down. I did a line or two.

Sex was never on the table. He rubbed my freshly pedi’d feet with some fruity rub. He told me I was the most interesting person he had spoken to in my city. He said he would love the pleasure of my company while he was on business… as long as I could accept him spending time with his other ladies.

I laid back, relaxed and embraced my temporary fate. LOL

We ended up in some kind of friendship. David encouraged me to date other men, tell him about them so he could pass judgement (ha ha) and give me advice. He only asked that I spend my time with him when he was in the city.

So? I went with him to bars/clubs. If I saw two pretty girls on the dance floor? I would saunter  up and dance with them. I’d offer to buy them a drink. I would take them to the bar while walking past David’s table. I’d stop on the way while he slipped me a $50. I would take the girls up to the bar and do a round of shooters before we ordered drinks.

While waiting for drinks? I would tell them if they think the guy who paid for the drinks was cute or wanted to say hi? They were invited to stop at the table. But there was no obligation.

Obviously? Many stopped. Most didn’t go home with him. He was a bit nerdy after all. And I wasn’t pimping him, only making introductions. More important to me? I kept every cent of change from those $50’s. I drank for free and kept the change from those interactions. He wanted me to.

Before he left the city (every time)? He filled my fridge and cupboards with food and drinks. “If you want to entertain men, Princess, you need food and alcohol! I won’t always be here to make you smile.” He stocked my everything.

I’ll never forget how Daddy David impacted my life. I owed his company debt when we met (he owns an international cheque cashing and payroll loan company). He forgave my debt and contacted other people to get them to clear other debts in other companies. When I told him why I don’t like cocaine? He never offered it again. He supported me being off hard drugs.

I remember when he flew friends of his into Winnipeg to go to a Nickelback concert. Seven men and me. They all fought over who was paying for my dinner because it meant they would be ‘my date’. When I got cut off from drinking at the concert? They still went and got me more. They made sure I got to meet the opening act, Saving Abel! And they, respectfully, sent me home in a cab after I provided them with numbers for calls girls 🙂

After I learned the truth about who he was in the financial world? I gave him the nickname ‘Daddy’ I laughed that he was the one Sugar Daddy not getting sex from the girl he was supporting.

My favorite memory from him? These words!  I often said, “Thank you so much, Daddy!!” and he said, “Anything to make you smile, Princess!”




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