Thank You

Paul read my blog about the black out drunk situation. Well, I showed it to him as a conversation starter. He read it and we held hands. He told me he understood but we left it at that.

Later in the day we were out with a friend running a bunch of errands. At the end, I picked up a bottle of wine. The small one this time. Paul didn’t say anything.

When we got home though? We talked. Productively. As I drank my wine.

So here it is…

Dear Paul,

Thank you for reading my blog and waiting until the right time to talk.

Thank you for the errands we ran today! They are the tail end of a lot of work you have done to help support our situation. I appreciate all the efforts you’ve made that go outside your box. Emotionally and politically.

Thank you for talking to me today. You let me open the conversation up.  You had no problem with me having wine as we talked. You listened to me so patiently. Thank you for listening to my plan (**to be discussed in another blog**) and for being willing to be an active part.

Thank you for reminding me that you have no problem with me having drinks. You kind of like tipsy, silly  Shaunda. But you are right that the Jekyll/Hyde effect after too much… is too much.

Thank you for being you. Close to a non-drinker who is so in love with an alcoholic, as I am, but willing to go the distance to help me change in the ways that will make myself and us healthier.

Even though I went to bed early? Thank you for coming to bed and whispering in my ear that you thanked me for writing that blog, for talking, for having a plan, for helping you, for taking care of you.

Just, thank you! I love you,



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