Things You Learn From Strangers

The end of March marked five months since I’ve left the Crown & Anchor. Moving was difficult but it seems I get reminded regularly why I left. I was being bullied there. (here are links to my blogs about that) Bullies! Skank!

I haven’t had a single problem with even one neighbour since moving to my new spot. It was, clearly, the right choice. Recently, while coming back from town with my friend, we picked up a hitchhiker (a harmless woman, struggling with her bags) and I got a vivid reminder why I am happy I left.

Shaunda is a unique name. When we exchanged first names she asked if I lived at the C&A. Yep. She’d heard every ugly rumour and even more lies that have cropped up since I left.

On a much more sad note?

She knew my friend Jack (a link to Cowboy Jack)! When I left that park Jack had started seeing someone so him and I drifted apart. The only way I knew him was through people at that park. People who still have a means of contacting me (they do it for mail and/or other reasons).

It was a hitchhiker that gave me the sad news my friend passed away at the beginning of March from a heart attack. Not the people who know me. The people who say they care about me and know I cared about him. The ones who still have a way to let me know.

A stranger let me know.

Moving wasn’t easy but picking up a hitchhiker was a vivid reminder why it was a good decision and worth the effort.



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