In My Mouth


I don’t suck a lot of cock. Anymore.

Anyone who has been blessed by my talent? Knows I learned from a pro (taught by a gay guy) and I can take it all. I have no choke threshold. I am alright with something all the way down my throat. I had my share of practice.

Practice. That is putting it mildly. I made it a goal one time to try and suck off every man I met in Winnipeg. I was a ‘virgin’ with men, had just been taught how to suck a dick right and wanted to prove some thing. I guess. I’m not sure what it was. Just a thing.

I was around 300lbs at the time so part of it may have been proving I could get what I wanted on a word and a kneel. (dirty, dirty girl)

I started out with friends of friends. Told them I wanted practice and they dropped trousers. Moved my way up to approaching guys at bars. I approached bosses at my work. I was never denied. I picked my targets right.

I even went as far as a midnight bus stop situation.

Me: I want to suck off as many guys as I can in Winnipeg. You’re hot, I’m drunk and the bus doesn’t come for 20minutes. Go a round in the bus shack?”

Him (as he is unzipping): Are you kidding? Get on your knees.

I have sucked the cocks of some of the hottest men!

I stopped all that hullabaloo years ago. Lost count on my goal at a number I am embarrassed to reveal. I lost the taste for having a penis in my mouth for a long time.

Lately? I’ve been asking Paul to take his pants of more frequently. This girl who lost the taste for cock? Suddenly has a hankering to get on her knees and take it in the mouth. Paul loves me. Having him in my mouth is the best taste ever.

dick in my mouth



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