Take Me Dirty


Paul got home yesterday from being away for three days.

He’d been driving, moving all kinds of equipment and just generally full of anxiety over the entire situation. All of that means sweat. He looked and smelled like ‘working man’. I find that hot!

I, on the other hand? Well, I also was a day and a half unshowered with messy hair and ‘comfy clothes’ when he arrived. However I did take the time (and three hot water tanks with my leg over the toilet/sink area) to make sure I was shaved.

Paul loves to go down on me. He’s also not fussy on whether I am shaved or not. I am.  I am more comfortable when I am shaved so I get into it more. I shaved so I could feed him my pussy like a pro!

As soon as the other guys he’d traveled with left? I started to undo my pants.

Paul’s eyes lit up. “Are you smooth?”

“You bet baby! I did that for you!”

I love when Paul eats me. We went to the bed and he totally went to town. Nothing feels quite as good as a soft tongue on a horny shaved pussy. Even though I was insecure about being unshowered? He loved it. I loved it. When he came back up to kiss me I could taste that everything was just fine.

He asked if I could smell him. A bit insecure (both of us) about being unclean. I told him he smelled delicious to me.

I loved tasting myself on his lips as he entered me. It felt like it had been forever since he touched me with his expert touch. My body opened up for him in ways I never expect but he always provides. We get so into each other.

We kissed so deep as he found his fingers way into me. We looked into each others eyes as he slid into me. When it’s been a few days? It kinda hurts in a good way because of how big he is. But he got in and we got off while holding each others sweaty bodies so tight.

His tongue, his fingers, his laughter and the way we play together? I really don’t care if it is two days unshowered. When he gets through the door? I’ll always be on him whether we are dirty or not.


3 thoughts on “Take Me Dirty

  1. I love the way you can describe things. Sure gets me going! I can visualize everything that you say. I would love to be in Pauls shoes for a night. Lucky bastard!

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