Wiggling in The Night


I’m a chronic masturbator.

I exposed and touched my genitals in church during prayer. My sister reported me to my parents for humping my doll. I received a mani/pedi tool as a gift when I was a pre-teen and as soon as I found it vibrated? It was all over things that weren’t my nails. In Bible College? I had a roommate ask me to keep it down.

I touch myself.

Paul discovered this when we shared a sleeping cot for the first time in the forest.

I fall asleep to my hand in my pussy and I wake up to an orgasm. It’s a ritual.  Even if I don’t get off? I fall asleep with my hand between my thighs. And when I wake up? If my hand has moved it finds it’s way back. I wake up most days with a selfie. (well, my kind of selfie…. ha ha)

Sometimes throughout the day my hand wanders and I need to remind myself to be polite. LOL

But really it’s all about the nighttime. Even as I type this I want to try and do it one handed. There is something about that ‘end of the day get yourself off’ thing that makes you wiggle to sleep and wiggle awake!



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