Another Day In Paradise


If I haven’t said it enough lately? I live in paradise.

Examples? Maybe a bit of bragging?

I go for a regular walk a few times a week. The highway follows the ocean so I am basically across the street from perfect ocean view for the entire 40 minutes I walk. On my walking side of the highway is forest.

As I walked the other day? The sea lions were all gathered about for the herring season. You could see them and hear them barking. I stopped on the highway to watch for a few minutes when a deer jumped out from behind and nearly ran me into the road.

Who else can be standing, watching the ocean and be nearly run down by a forest creature? I’m the luckiest person ever.

Yesterday I also had the amazing opportunity to watch four orcas splish splashing about as I got out binoculars and watched their frenzy. They were close enough to see with naked eye but the binoculars made it all the more exciting.

Paul and I walked back behind the park we live in yesterday. He showed me a beautiful river kind of tucked away in the woods. It felt so magical. I’ve been thinking of a flowing source of fresh water for some magical things I want to do. The river is perfect and so close.

Today, when the sun finally rises, I am planting my seeds and plants. I got soil, seeds and plant starts yesterday. I love the growing season here. I love the variety of things I can grow.

When it comes down to it? Every part of where I live is paradise.



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