Well, it’s about time I write about this.

There are a lot of people who think I am a racist. It could be from accusations made about me on ARC (anti-racist Canada). Some people think I am racist because I was betrothed to a National Socialist.

And maybe, in some people’s eyes, my position is a bit racist. But I think of it as Nationalist. I believe there is a difference. I want to put my own country and our people’s needs (particularly homeless and disabled) before those of other nations.

Whether or not that is a racist position would depend on who I consider to be ‘our people’. A question I am really never asked. As soon as I say ‘our people’ it is assumed I mean white people. Probably because of some of my associations, but an assumption nonetheless.

I think it makes me a Nationalist. I’m for Canadian people!

Another reason people call me racist is because I only date white people.

My inclination to date ‘within my own’ was never taught. To be perfectly frank? I was never really attracted to anyone outside my own race. I went on a few dates with people who were other ethnicities but never found a connection.

Some of that is a general look that comes from certain races. That is about attraction. If I were to say I only like men with beards? That’s fine. Only men who have a beer belly? Fine! Only men who are so old they can be a ‘daddy figure’? Somehow (even though it’s pervy) that is okay, too.

When my white GF’s say they like ‘big black dick’ that is totally fine. I have a male friend who will only date Asian women. That’s totally acceptable. Practically commendable because it’s bi-racial.

But if I say I am more attracted to men who are white? Because I am also white it is about racism, not attraction.

I think that’s wrong. I should be allowed to be attracted to whomever I want! When my pal says, “Looks at that hot chocolate!” (referring to the black woman who just walked in the bar) I should be allowed to say, “I prefer the marshmallow over there!”

Some of it is religious. I couldn’t be in a relationship with a Jew any more than I could a Catholic, Muslim or Mormon. And somehow it is okay that many other faiths chastise their children for dating outside their faith (Jewish, Islamic, Hutterite) but if I say I would not date a Jew or Muslim? I’m a hater. A racist. Intolerant.

Truthfully? I have friends from every faith, race, culture, sexual orientation. We have fabulous conversations about our similarities and differences. My truest friends see my point of view. Many have their own opposing views that I have listened to. We agree to disagree on what we disagree on but remain friends.

So am I a racist?





2 thoughts on “Racism…

  1. No, I don’t think you are a racist, not my definition of one anyhow. Very well written Shaunda, and I agree with everything you said.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment! When you get called something often enough you believe it and I have often had difficulty reconciling those words with what I know to be in my heart.

      It’s nice to know someone understands.


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