Fair Trade?


This morning was one of the first times in a long time Paul came to me, fresh out of the shower, and just opened his towel. He was hard as a rock. He’d been thinking about me…

I took his cock in my mouth. I was a bit startled by his boldness (he tends to be shy) and rewarded it with an enthusiastic knob gobbling until he came all over my chest. Mmm, mmm good times!

Tonight? We were both freshly showered, I was freshly shaved and he wanted to return the favour.

So we made out. I was still toweled and he was so eager… I came just from the eagerness.

He took me too the bed and went down on me. It was pre-gamed by a lot of deep kissing (something he is an expert at) and some teenage style groping (mostly on my part LOL) but as soon as his lips and tongue even started to enter my freshly shaved box? I came again.

Sooner than later? He was in me. He pulled me up on him so I could ride. He was penetrating me so deep from underneath I cried out a bit and he laid me down. He kissed me gently and I tugged hard at his shoulders.

I worked my way down his back to his taught ass and pulled him harder into me. He looked at me, kissed me hard and thrust deep as I came more hard than the first times.

And I was spent while he was still hard.

He’s amazing. It’s okay I finished and he didn’t. It’s weird because that is usually the other way around for couples.

Ah, he came on my chest this morning. Don’t I deserve to cum three times?




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