“Will You Poop On Me?” (Anna Ferris)

I watched a movie recently. Movie 43. It’s the rudest, crudest movie I have ever LOVED.

One scene had has a poop feature. I’m not a spoiler so I won’t shit the details on ya. Worth a watch though.

But what about when someone asks you to do something you aren’t interested in?

I used to be on webcam and got many a request I would not fulfill. Put my empty wine bottle in my ass? NO. Pee on my roommate? NO. It was easy to say no to ‘out there’ requests from randoms on a webcam feed.

So when the person you love asks you for something? And your first thought is… “are you twisted?”  How do you respond?


My love brought up something recently that I laughed at. We laughed about it, a running joke because it’s a familiar issue outside of the request. (sorry to be vague but it really it kinda personal)

It IS a joke. But the more we talk and joke and laugh….. the more it has become something that might happen. It was HIS suggestion. And a joke.

So does something so weird shared between two people get qualified as a fetish? It’s not something either of us ever thought of or wanted from another person before. It’s completely a joke but seems somehow something I suddenly WANT (even though it’s NOT my thing). I want it just to say I buckled up and did it.

Regardless of the title… I do not want him to poop on me. It’s just something far more innocent but equally weird.

So….   when you are faced with a strange thing? Do you do it?

I did once. I found out I like something I never knew I could. (Panty Stuffing )

Maybe I’d like what we’ve been joking about.



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