Painting A Fence

I wish I had a phone right now so I could’ve taken pictures.

Today, I painted a fence. Someone in a local group on Facebook put it out there, “My client needs some help painting a fence. They are willing to pay $20/hr. Is anyone available.”

Not having anything to do today? I replied (tagging a friend FB style)… “Jeff, are you free today? I know you like piece work. I would do it but I don’t have transport.”

Between the three of us? Jeff was available. He agreed to take me with him so I could earn a little cash. We agreed to do it as two people for the same pay. A bit of cash for each.

And today I painted a fence.

It took all of two hours between four people.

The wonderful young woman who was looking for help? She’s so pregnant and supposed to be feet up! Her retired parents were the other two making up the four with myself and Jeff.

What a terrific time we had painting that fence. We all bantered and chattered back and forth. We talked about Ireland, living in the Canadian prairies,  life on the Island as being ‘new to the island’. Where we lived before and all our adventures.

Two hours later I was $30 richer in pocket but 100% fuller in heart. It was the most loveliest of ways to earn a buck today!

Painting a fence. Who knew it would lead to such a heartfelt day?


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