My anxiety? It’s through the roof. There has been no incidence (other than him texting) and, in general? I have no real reason to be afraid.

But every time I hear a car door? Or my cat moves her head on the counter and the movement catches my peripheral vision? Or my phone bings from a message? I’m in a full blow state of panic.

In an effort to calm my mind, and to make sure the owners here know WTF? I went and talked to management.

I feel a bit better. Nothing that happened was loud enough it got reported. I am still a tenant in good standing. And? I am told they prefer I call park security if there is an issue (way closer than cops so all around better in my eyes) and let them make a judgement to call police.

My friend is here off and on over the next days/weeks until I know no one is going to show up and surprise me.

Paul left things behind. I am the type to pack them up and then find a way for him to have them. That is part of my goal today. Pack his things. I don’t want to see him so working out how to get those things to him is another situation for another day.

I am feeling safe. In case anyone was wondering. I feel secure even if I am anxious. This fucking anxiety is a bitch.

But I feel secure. While I dance to my tunes, drink some Merlot and pack him away.



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