Young N Tender


So, I know that I tend get over ex’s with sex. But this was surprise even to me.

Tonight? It was a just once thing. I lit a fire and slowly neighbours came by. Suddenly I had this accidental yard party and I got anxious. I went inside to hide.

Kay came in to make sure I was alright. She mentioned she noticed my tattoo (gay pride). She told me she really wants to be with a trans man whose was born with woman parts. Very fascinated about everything not hetero.

Oh. And she has never been with a woman.

Was that a hint? Invite? I just took it as both and I turned predator LOL

So, tonight. I had the most wonderful opportunity. HER first time with a woman. I made sure she was sure. With every step that I removed more of her clothing? I asked if it was okay and she was comfortable with it.

I took it very slow because she’s 19. And it was her first time with a woman.

Did I mention 19?

She was so soft. Not skinny but not fat. Big tits. But she is so young they are still round and tight to her chest. GREAT areoles. Such perfect nipples. She was so hesitant and shy with every move. It was so precious. Nervous but telling me to move forward.

Beautifully reluctant but willing. What a sexy combo. And she was sexy.

Young? Sure but this girl knew what she wanted. No tongue in the kissing but for sure on the nipples. As I tugged her jeans off to expose her pink panties? She made sure to push the panties in my face. She was ready.

Holy heck was she ready.

I began to kiss her sweet spot by pulling her panties to the side but I couldn’t get my tongue in deep enough. They had to come off. And they were still partially wrapped around my head while I completely explored her sweet, virginal (well, to women) pussy.

It’s been so many years. Since I’ve been with a woman. She was just so juicy and sexy. So soft. SO wanting and ready. Ripe. Tender. OMG so fucking delicious.

After we were done? I told her I was grateful that she wanted me to be her first. I thanked her for giving me that gift. I told her that pleasuring her meant a LOT to me.

She was oddly proud of it like it was a cross off her bucket list. Maybe two things… old and woman? LMAO

Long story short? Tonight? I needed to feel mentally/emotionally disconnected from my ex. As a result of epic flirting? I totally got to sex up a 19 year old hot chick.

When you say ‘GOT LUCKY’? Oh yeah….



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