Behind The Scenes

What a great story Young N Tender is, right?

But think of it again like a movie and let me tell you some behind the scenes clips. And because I find it all tragically hilarious? I’m calling them my outtakes.

Start off with? I had someone offer to buy me wine so I could have it by my fire. While buying said wine? I ran into a lady in my park, told HER I was gonna have a fire and if she wanted to come have a drink it would be okay.

**I always saw her as calm and quiet**

I am socially awkward but trying to meet women friends. She struck me as this really nice person who had given me smokes once. I thought it would be a couple ladies, well, and my friend who is looking to meet ladies, around a fire.

Her daughter came. And turns out she was supposed to have gone to another bonfire in the park but could that couple come over? One other couple? Sure.

That couple had invited people to their place and suddenly everyone was at my place.

So there I am hosting an accidental party when I begin to overhear people talking about drama in the park. I hate gossip to begin with but they were all sitting there talking about each other. Getting wildly drunk. Loud.

Mom and daughter? They ended up in a quarrel. I brought mom inside to calm her. Gave her some vodka, sucked her tits a bit.

After getting a grip? Meaning, she told me about her and daughter as I was on her tits with my mouth. I told her… I think you are both lovely women. I think I’ll be on your daughter later.

She shared a story about how they shared an 18 yr old boy. (GAME ON!)

Are you kidding? So much ghetto. So much wine. So much available and I know how to work ANY situation I want something in. SO ghetto. I feel like trailer trash.

But pussy getting trailer trash!!

Mom and I left my RV.

Then, I’m chatting up daughter (Kay) and another lady I really want to go back and get to know. The other lady (I will call Bette) was in her sixties and sat there asking me all about how it is I lived in the park eight months without meeting me? I told her about  how I wanted everyone around the yard. Like sexually. LOL She encouraged me to give details.

I was telling her about every person in the yard I found attractive and why (found out today one was her son I got very explicit about LOL) and she told me told get with any one in my space that wanted it. Whoa. I take the wisdom of my older women. And followed it.

I pursued everyone. I enjoyed the fire and everything.

When things got too loud? And things got a bit abrasive between all the people? I turned to my friend who is security, told him I was going inside. Couples were fighting. Mom and daughter were really getting into it face to face.

I gave up on getting laid. Anxiety. DONE!

Kay came in to see how I was….   things went from there. Story documented.

Security? He slept in his truck. Because he is the only one NOT bring drama to my life.

So behind the scenes?

As I was trying to get with a 19 yr old?

I tried to be patient. I got to listen to her music on YouTube. And I got to listen to every complaint she has about her awful mother (whose tits I had just sucked on). She insisted we dance. She downed my alcohol faster than I could (and I am an alcoholic).

19 yr old foreplay is great, eh? LMAO

Forget 19. At least 19 was trying to be there and in the moment. Her moment, but THE moment just the same.

Her MOM showed up at my door more than three times to check on her. AFTER everyone had left? In the middle of the night at 2am. She was so loud an belligerent she had to be removed by my ‘security’ who was sleeping in his truck for my privacy.

Other couples? Who were fighting amongst themselves? Brought it back to the fire I sent everyone home from.

How do you have reasonable sex with a newbie to girl on girl with all the hullabulloo?

In the end? Well, my blog said it all. We found a way through the crazy to make it happen.

But that is the behind the scenes version! Wasn’t as sexy as it I made it sound, eh?





4 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes

  1. This is great! I’d love to be a fly on the wall at your place. Oh the things I would see and hear. I’m still having fantasies about you eating her pussy and now thinking of you sucking on MoMA’ boob as well. Keep it in the family. Speaking of boobs……

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DO you know how hard it is to take pic of tits on your own in an RV? I have the shittiest light and the shittiest camera.

      And I have tried to hard… I could post at leat a hundred by now. But I know my fisting pic was AWFUL (a comment even said it wasn’t great) so… I want my boob pics to be something I am alright with. So? YES, boobs. Coming. But be prepared for some awful….


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