I received a last email from my most recent ex asking me (out of a few things?) to not blog about him. And I have agreed to not discuss anything about him personally, going forward, as long as he remains away.

So. I am single. I mean, I felt super single when I sucked clit the other night. But now? I AM single. SINGLE. The left alone by the ex type that finally feels comfie in their own skin kinda fucking single!

I feel like I should be sad. But I’m not. Maybe I should feel some remorse or regret? Nope.

I talked about it with some people today. They were trying to convince me I needed to be more angry and have more of a vengeful feeling. I don’t.

My ex’s and I have all had our own pasts. I have learned beautiful and wonderful things from each of them.

Most recently? I learned a lot about self respect. I learned a lot about my sexuality from being with the best lover I ever had. I learned so many real life skills (like survival style). He was the first I grew a garden for. I learned. I am grateful.

And I am single.

Such a strange way to describe me but feels so right. SINGLE!


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