flowers from j

It’s the second time in my life I’ve gotten flowers.

I left the store with my friend and there was a flower stand. I stopped to smell the roses šŸ™‚Ā  Fresh cut flowers smell so amazing.

I was commenting how I love Gerber Daisies.Ā  He just smiled and pulled out a couple choices.

Gerbers, roses, lilies….

I haven’t gotten flowers in years. I thought they were for his mother (even tried to get him to take them to her) but here I am smelling these amazing fresh flowers.

I had a really rough day yesterday with a lot of hate thrown at me.

When you don’t have to ‘stop and smell the roses’ because they already in your face? You have a constant reminder that life has roses.

Thank you for the flowers, friend!


6 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. Sorry you had a rough day yesterday. What happened? I’m also sorry that you have only received flowers twice in your life. You deserve much more. I’m glad you have such a nice friend.

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    1. Yesterday? My blogs about bullies tell it all. I avoided those people since I left that park. But I had breakfast with someone and he told them and I got attacked online. Very public.

      I privately got super terrible back at them. Like, I took it to a horrible level in a private message. I feel bad about my own reactions.

      But I am trying to find housing. Being shamed for having breakfast? UGH. Was just a bad day.

      And as for flowers. Yeah, second time. And they smell so good. Every time I feel a smidge ‘blue’ tonight? I can smell the roses!


    1. Aw, well, thank you for the admiration! I wrote a blog a while back about what I was going through where I used to live (

      I have since left that place. But I went for breakfast with someone from that park the other morning and my bullies came back to haunt me. Publicly online.

      I reacted badly. I know it.

      But I fail at ‘reactions’ sometimes. I know it.

      I am letting it go. I just won’t see them again. I have no reason to.

      And I am looking on the bright side. I can still smell these flowers šŸ™‚


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