So when I ask WHY I was open to meeting the 13 yr old? Well, she’s actually twelve. And awesome And has a younger sister. And I think my open spirit was actually meant for her sister.

Mia’s ten. I got mom’s permission to talk about her. About this. About bullying.

First off? I looked at Mia at one point tonight and asked her how it felt to be the smartest person the room. She giggled. ‘Cause ten year old females do that. But she really was the most brilliant at that moment. Her vocabulary blew me away.

It all started by reading a card.

I read one for her sister. Freaked her out that it was bang on. Read one for her mom. Also got a bit weirded out by it and then Mia asked if I could ask for a message. I’ve never done that but why not try? I told her I am not a medium but she should ask for any information she wanted to know.

It brought something to her that she cried about. Her young friend who died.

Mom left. Cards were aside for a bit. The young ones stayed with me.

Poor Mia. Her sister took over every situation in the conversation. At one point? I actually told the sister to be quiet, turned to Mia and said, “I bet this happens a lot, eh? Where you don’t get a word? Feel a bit ignored?”

She smiled. Thanked me ‘for recognizing the needs of a young person but that she was used to it so I shouldn’t worry’. What ten year old responds that way?

Tonight? While all the adults sat around the fire? Mia told me how the kids on her school bus say she looks like a tranny and call her pre-op. That’s so fucked up. When did ‘tranny’ become a slur thing kids say?

Not only is she a girl who wants to be a girl? Mia looks like she could be Selma Hayeks daughter. Her eyes are a bit wide set, strong jaw and beautiful long hair. Gorgeous. I Googled pics of Selma to prove it and it was agreed. Mia is a tiny carbon copy. And no matter what anyone says on  the school bus? She needs to know she is so beautiful.

I think she felt that way by the time she left.

We decided we are having a make-over day. Yep! We’ll do it up with make-up and hair pieces. They (her and the twelve yr old sister) wanna dress-up so I have some dresses I’ll try to figure out to adjust. Fashion show with pics. I love everything dress-up and pictures! (even when it is innocent)

And because I read a card for her? A card that REALLY spoke to her?

Mia wants to come with me to the river to collect flowing water and rocks. She asked if she can learn about my magic. She asked her mom if it’s okay.

We talked about ‘paranormal dreams’ (her words because she’s fucking brilliant) and how to channel energy. Her questions? I need to research to reply but she is coming over tomorrow to find out. Challenging.

A ten year old is making me work to answer questions because I care that she cares. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? LOL

And because she told me she is ‘very emotional and it can lead to anger issues’ (again, her words ) I shared with her that I also have issues like that. We discussed if she’d had her first period because maybe it was hormonal.  She told me not yet but doctors wanted her on meds for her emotions. She didn’t want them. It was like talking to a little version of me.

Only maybe more mature LOL

Ah, Mia. Such an open soul. Pretty sure she’s gonna be my motivation to keep it moving forward.

So when I thought I didn’t want to be friends with people in my park? Mia made me realize open hearts can be friends.

Suddenly I have a ten year old bestie. She asked if we could be. I agreed.




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