Sami, Sami, Cuddle Cat

My sweet kitty? She’s mine again LOL

Admittedly, I was a little jealous about how she was with my ex. She loved him. All her cuddles went to him. We slept separate so she slept with him most of the time. She went to him for brushing and play. I tried but she preferred him.

I think she just prefers the company of men. Like mommy, like pussy.

Now that I am alone?

I have my Sami back!

She cuddles with me at night. She climbs into my lap for pets and scratches and brushing. She is being so well behaved and cute all the time like she knows I need less stress.

My most favorite? Clipping her nails has sometimes been a chore but she CAME TO ME for a manicure the other day. I was clipping my own nails and she climbed into my lap rolled over and gently scratched my arm. Her clippers are kept with mine so I just pulled hers out and started working on them. All four paws clipped without a struggle. She even gave me kisses and purrs after.

I love that over the year I have had her she has developed her own little personality. She’s feisty and loving at the same time. She loves toys and play whether it is with her human or not. She’ll chase her own toy and smash into walls all on her own. She still chases her tail.

Other favorite? She requires a water fountain for water. When I have the cash I plan to but some kind of running fountain for her as a water dish but in the meantime? She LOVES running water from the sink.

water fountain

She was drinking when I asked her to pose for this. I don’t run it all the time, she has a water dish. But when I leave the RV in the day and it is hot out? I definitely leave her cold, running water.

Over the past couple weeks? Sami has really been a huge source of comfort to me.She is my joy. I’m so glad I have my Belisama ❤


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