Dear Jeff (ALL You Wanna Know About Shaunda)

So. My friend and I went to drop off the last of my ex’s belongings. He violated the agreed upon situation, showed up at the window, got his things.

As he cycled away? Jeff and I each got this text….

You need to know that shaunda has been using you for access to booze. She told me how she was/is using you, how she doesn’t even like you as a person and thinks you are a pathetic joke.
She has mental health issues you are making her worse by providing booze/drugs.
Shaunda will lie, steal, cheat and hurt anyone in her way of booze and drugs, including herself, me and you.
While you enable her? She is dangerously suicidal and self detructive and She has no interest in sober me. She needs to stay drunk to not face hurting me.
For me this is exactly the same as she was with Ken, who also provided her with booze. And cock. Yeah she will let you fuck her and play with her pussy anytime she has drugs and booze. If you haven’t taken advantage id be very surprised. Offer to take pictures, she will strip for you. Then you can fuck her. You jerk off piece of shit.
So if breaking us up was your goal, good job. You win. I wont deal with drunks feeding off each other while I am sick and dying.
What I don’t get is what you are getting from her? Not sure I want to know. You told me you could tell she loved me VERY much. Why would you get between us?
She must have gone back to meth and crack.  Unless you are giving her that too? Did you know I got her clean of that!? Yeah she is a recovering junkie as well as an alcoholic.
Last month she spent 2300 in less than a week. Leaving us broke. Where did it go!? She must be an active addict. Its the only explanation.
STOP ENABLING HER you stupid cunt! Unless you don’t care about hurting people. Booze is killing her and is destroying her mental health.
You are enabling her and it ruined our relationship.
I hope you are happy. You think you are helping her?? You are killing her. You retard.
If you don’t think so she is lying to you and you are lying to yourself. Ive known her for almost ten years. She needs to be with sober people.
People who enable recovering addicts should be jailed. You have caused so much harm to two people. Broke us up and ruined a beautiful friendship.
You cunt.
You are such a drunk you have no idea what you have done. You ignorant mother fucker.
She isn’t in control. You are taking advantage of each other.
That you never got a clue when I wouldn’t spend time with you while you both were drinking is pathetic. Who the fuck do you think you are!?
Every single time she saw you, we would fight. Because the booze. Her seeing you meant a fight and she was always looking for excuses to see you.
Its pathetic that you think you are such a good guy. You are a piece of shit. You ruined me. You ruined her. I hope you die in a major car crash you drunk driving idiot.
Fuck you. Clueless piece of shit home wrecker asshole.
Regardless of what Shaunda tells you, its the drunk shaunda you have been dealing with. Not her true self. I’ve fallen in love with sober Shaunda. You stole her.
This isn’t anger. I simply couldn’t think any less of you. You disrespected me beyond reproach. You are destroying her. She isn’t capable of saying no to booze. So you should step up and do the right thing. Stop lending her money for booze, stop driving her for booze, stop drinking around her. But you wont. You SHOULD walk the fuck away. But you wont because you are a stupid fuck. I Hope we never meet again.
Dont forget, she lies, all the time, about everything. Its why she hangs out with drunk idiots like you. You’re to stupid to catch the lies. Too much of a loser to know she is a mentally ill alcoholic who wants to self destruct with booze and you are helping that. Good on ya.
Jerk off Jeff.
This is unedited. There are a lot of accusations and half truths. He’s not ALL wrong. But he’s so far from right. And it’s because he thinks all of this? I got punched.

So let him have his own reality. Every story has three sides. His, mine and the correct one.

Tonight? I’ll be doing meth and Jeff, apparently….  (just kidding, I’m watching Gilmore Girls).

6 thoughts on “Dear Jeff (ALL You Wanna Know About Shaunda)

    1. The story between me and Jeff? We are friends. I could not be more honest when I say that. BUT? Jeff is currently camped out close in case of a problem!


  1. You got slapped becUse you ignored me, made me feel like garbage for months. Treated me like an unwelcome guest. Stole any money i brought home. Continued to lie and cheat and drink. Continued to break promises and over all acted like an entitle cunt.
    You only wanted to kick me out when you left me flat broke with no food. Notice the momment I had money i fucking left your lying ass.


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