Ladies Night!~

Oh it was Ladies Night and what a night. Yeah, the feeling’s right, oh what a night! …. (insert music?)

the sign

Truthfully? I don’t do crowds at all. I invited people because I wanted to meet people. And then I had severe anxiety until they showed up LOL

It started with just me in my yard, burning my ex’s letters as fire starter.

letter burning

Then one person showed, and another. A few neighbours later? It was a nice, neighbourly bonfire.


One awesome lady made sure there was no chick party that didn’t have a thirsty beaver involved! Brought in a goodie bag with epic abs on the cover. (she doesn’t even drink but brought all the shots? …gotta love a lady so generous)

The fire/party happened. As things were getting close to the time I said it would be over? We all decided to just  keep it going and open it up to the gents from our mutual Facebook group that had been teasing all day if they needed to pre-dial the cops.

Neighbours joined in. Then the invited peeps left and it got weird.

While I am okay with neighbours and who they are? I have a hard time saying no to anyone.

After everyone left? I ended up with my one neighbour in my house (hot mom), drinking everything she could get her hands on without even asking (felt a little similar to her daughter the other night LOL).

Another neighbour showed up and, well, she’s just a loud talker. It was SO loud that security came to try and quiet it. But Dena? She works here. She was the one being so loud security came.

When they knocked? This 50+ year old woman tried to hide in my bed. What the fucking fuck? My windows and curtains are WIDE open! Who the fuck did she think she was fooling? And really? Grow up. You were being so loud I wanted you gone anyway. Park security only helped remove you because you weren’t doing it when I asked.

Hot mom? She ended up here the longest…. we took a few pics. Got a bit sexy but she is so straight and a lush. I get boobs for beers with her. Unfulfilled sexual situations but the permission to blog about her in any light I see fit.

lils tits

Just imagine the beautiful nipples under MY t-shirt there. Yes, I had her semi naked and then she wanted to pose with a shirt on and I lost a shirt in the process.

Why? Well? She drank all my booze and tried to pass out on my couch as we talked and took pics. It felt a bit familiar to her daughter. Not my thing. And I figured mom would be better at foreplay. Not so much. She got woken up and sent home in my t-shirt.

Overall? I really enjoyed the beginning of the night. The meeting new women, having a fire and general comradery.  I could’ve skipped the noise issue and trying to get a very drunk woman out of my trailer to walk two doors down.

Ladies Night? Awesome ladies but I’ll be attending, not hosting, going forward.




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