Why Didn’t He Drive By?

Mt ex asked me not to talk about him. I agreed not to name him and make anything a general reference.

He then sent me an email with subject line ‘blog fodder’. And he has since posted so much crap about me on Facebook. Saying I cheated on him with a friend, Jeff (not true). Telling everyone in my community I am back on hard drugs. Also NOT true but because I need to find housing and prove myself in a small community? I am now going for drug testing to show I am not the person my ex says I am.

I made arrangements to deliver his things to him (yes, deliver). We had an arrangement that he would meet my friend in a parking lot at a specific time. My friend brought me to the labyrinth, in the same area,  to walk it. It was New Moon and I wanted the peace while my friend helped take care of things.

Instead? Because my ex was biking by and recognized the truck? I guess. I don’t know. He stopped there to get his stuff.

He glared at me through the window. He shouted his animosity and curse words as he took off. His suspicions. His anger, still.

But the thing is? We had an agreement that we would have no contact. I mean, he did hit me and I AM scared of him. Even if he saw my friend’s truck? Why stop at my window to glare, intimidate or whatever?

There was an agreed arrangement. All I wanted was to walk the labyrinth while my friend dropped of my ex’s stuff.

It ruined my morning. I sobbed for an hour before I could even walk. Why would he approach me? Why? It was ten fucking minutes until my friend was going to meet him at the designated spot. Why did he do that to me?

After the ex peddled off on his bike and we drove off in the truck? I shook like a leaf. I got all bi-polar crazy and made my friend drive away and hide me from that parking lot, even though I wanted to go back and walk the labyrinth for some peace. I was shook.

Then both my friend and I got a text.

Since I haven’t been responding to the blame game? The blame shifted. To my friend. My ex ranted on him about being my friend. Made wild accusations. His email will be it’s own blog.

So. Why didn’t he just drive by?



2 thoughts on “Why Didn’t He Drive By?

  1. Mr “big shots ” it seems. Maybe he wanted to seem like he had control still over you or even just seeing you with your friend or knowing you want to move on made him feel uncomfortale with the idea and hes more so filled with rage amongst himself but has chosen to shift the blame continuously. Definately deserve better. Hold strong xo

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