The Reason I Got Hit

In case you don’t get to read my comments?

You got slapped becUse you ignored me, made me feel like garbage for months. Treated me like an unwelcome guest. Stole any money i brought home. Continued to lie and cheat and drink. Continued to break promises and over all acted like an entitle cunt.
You only wanted to kick me out when you left me flat broke with no food. Notice the momment I had money i fucking left your lying ass.


Online? I corrected slap to punch. And thanked him for his comment.

Offline? I sent him yet another message reminding him I asked for no contact and that means even through my blog. But, really, thank you for admitting online you assaulted me. Will help with the peace bond.

I can’t believe I am going through this abuse shit AGAIN in my life. You’d think I would have learned the first time I got hit by someone. How to pick better?

I never pegged him to be this way when we were friends and decided to leave Winnipeg together.

I feel foolish. I saw signs on the drive to Alberta. Signs in the forest. Signs in Grande Prairie. Signs on the walk here. Anger. So much anger.

I should have let him go long ago. The first time I saw evidence? The time I left the forest with his mom because he put a gun to our heads?  I DIDN’T want to go back then. His mom wanted to see if he was dead. He wasn’t and he made promises things like that would never happen again.

Punches are not guns. But constant verbal and psychological abuse? I’m not some kind of SJW calling for a safe space but, really, MY home is my safe space. I invited him back and he abused my kindness.

I get to be safe here. That meant making him go.

Now that I have threatened him with a peace bond? He has switched to trying to text and message Jeff. Again.

Wow  you are a worthless piece of shit alcoholic jerkoff

Im happy you are stuck with a crack whore. You two are perfect for each other.
You deserve each otherb

Its hilarious that she is using you are you’re too retarded to see it. Makes me laugh.

Your insults are meaningless because they come from an retard drunk.

Have a good life.

What part of she has been lying to US don’t you understand. Do you think she would tell you how she made me feel like an unwelcome guest in her home. Or how she stole my bank card every payday and left me broke so I couldn’t leave?
Or how when she drinks she lies, pathologically.

Another thing you two don’t get is I’m sober. I remember every little thing she did to make me feel like garbage while telling me she loved me.

You simply have your head up your ass if you think enabling an alcoholic on disability with severe mental health issues is smart then you are even more of a retard than i give you credit for.

I aint blaming you like she seems to think. I am questioning how you can believe you are helping while destroying he mental health with booze.

Those are three texts strung together. It’s like an obsession I am beginning to worry about.  And I think that is why I am posting about his stuff he is saying. Not to denigrate him but because I need it to be public to feel safe. I am alone a lot. His constant barrage of hate and vitriol? It’s scary.


4 thoughts on “The Reason I Got Hit

  1. He’s crazy angry and can’t manage it. Please be careful. Maybe it would be best if you blocked him from all contact. Bantering with him may only add fuel to his fire.

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    1. My only banter has been to expose this in my blog. Otherwise I have simply told him to stop contacting me or I would get police involved. That is when he decided to switch to texting my friend. That was today and I made it clear to him the NO CONTACT means even through my blog or my friends. And that admitting online he assaulted me was enough to get a peace bond. I intend to do that. I am DONE with this.

      He has been blocked from ym Facebook but he has my phone number to text. He HASN’T since I threatened to call police but he is now texting my friend. Also? This blog is public. So even if I block his email address he can view and respond anonymously. I take most of it down… just not the one where he admitted assaulting me. His bad!


    1. Yes. And no. I am moving past it. He is the one trying to hang about. He is the one texting, messaging, etc. He is the one making crazy texts to people and threats.

      It does make me anxious. I have anxiety. So, yes. in that respect it is VERY hard. But?

      I am lucky enough to have a couple kind people around me right now. Some other distractions (hot mommy neighbour LOL) and just general self care.

      I just want him to get past it enough to stop antagonizing.


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