At first I was afraid.

He left in violence and anger. I was scared he would come back with it. And he didn’t. I give him credit. Because he IS angry. It’s probably hard for him not to show up. But he promised he wouldn’t and he is respecting that.

The thing is he is still texting both me and my friend. We have a bet that if the ex texts before 9am? I owe my pal breakie. I keep thinking my ex will finally drop it so I take the bet. But sure enough? By 9am? Texts rants. And I am buying breakfast.

My responses simply say to stop texting. Please. ‘If you don’t stop we will need to involve police’ (something I really DON’T want to do). And still the texts. Rampaging rants (some have been posted in other posts).

But he hasn’t come here. I am no longer afraid. His petulant texts when I ask him to quit? Now they amuse me.

His rants are epic. I haven’t come close to posting them all, and I will probably stop now that I am not afraid! He’s gone so over the top that I am amused.

Does that make me bad? He’s obviously in crisis. Mentally. If I was in the same position? I would want care.

But when it comes to the one who punched me and then dropped his suicide bag off at my door? I’m more amused by his crisis from getting his just desserts.

Yep. I AM just a narcissistic, selfish cunt. I suppose.

But a smiling (amused) one!


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