First Dates

UGH! Like really? Ugh.

I joined an online dating site. I’ve met three guys with three VERY different experiences.

I have to laugh about it all. It’s been more than 8 years since I have been on a dating site. I was hoping the people and situations were different… but they aren’t. Guys try to sound all up n up but most of them are really looking for a hook up. Truly nice guys find me a bit too ghetto.

I needed to get laid. Out of three dates? I got it. Once.

So here we go…

One guy? The really nice one? ‘namesrhard’ (a version of his online name) We walked along the beach for about an hour, stopped to sit on the bench and talk for a while. He came back to my place for a drink before he had to go pick up his little girl. We laughed and it was pleasant. But he has a daughter and I am not looking to be a step-parent. I knew it wouldn’t be a romantic connection. I messaged him after and thanked him for a nice afternoon and said if he ever wanted to go for a hike we could as friends. He got back and told me it was awesome to meet me but that without a romantic connection it wasn’t gonna happen. Cool. I like straightforward.

One guy? He came across as wanting to know more about my adventures of coming to BC from Alberta. I was thinking it would just be conversation because he was younger and a bit more ‘hippy’ than I even am. When we met? He was obviously into having sex. A fuck n chuck situation though. And also informed me he has the herps and doesn’t like condoms. Are you fucking kidding me? When we ended the date WITHOUT a fuck? He acted like it was because I believe the earth is round. Oh yeah. We spent most of our beach walk with him explaining to me in a condescending tone that the earth is flat and science is a hoax.

The date I got laid? Really nice guy as well. Picked me up and we went for a drive and had a drink by the beach. Found we had a connection but because he lives so far away? Probably not a relationship thing. However? Would I like to go back to his place so we could have some wine together? Done deal.

LMAO Sounds like that worked out great, right? Well, I did get laid. He has a nice place and he is a clean guy. Sexually responsible. I like that.

But when a guy is about to enter you and decides at that moment to let his inner pervert out without warning? It can startle you. When he whispers in your ear, “Have you had your first period yet lil girl? I want to make you pregnant and take care of you, okay?”

What the fuck? LOL I just went with it. Everyone has there own weird fantasies. And he was acting it out with a 42 yr old not a 12 yr old so that is some credit, I guess. But it caught me off guard. Shouldn’t something like that be talked about before role played by surprise?

He did fuck me every way imaginable. I got off a couple times for sure. I needed that!

So. First dates. I am now remembering why I hate dating LOL



5 thoughts on “First Dates

  1. Good story. I love hearing about your sexcapades. Even though number three had his quirks at least you got laid and had a good time. Must have been a little weird hearing him acting out his fanacy. Oh well, one out of three ain’t bad. Good luck in the dating game. Keep us informed.

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    1. I’m actually open to ALL kinds of fantasy. It caught me off guard but I still participated. I have fantasies that could make people cringe LOL And it was decent sex. I got off.

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