Family Reunions

There is something going on in the park today. Where I live? My space has a hotel on one side, a courtyard on the other and one trailer that backs in on the one side that faces my yard. It’s VERY quiet because I don’t really have neighbours.

But today I can hear a bunch of people in the courtyard hugging, kissing, crying and congratulating.

I went up to check my mail and on the way back I noticed the hotel room adjacent to my trailer had the door open and a lady was standing outside. I told her mine was the RV next door and asked how she was. She excitedly told me all about their family reunion. It’s her mom’s 98th birthday. It is her and her husbands 50th anniversary. And everyone came to celebrate all weekend.

As she told me about all the celebrations my eyes welled up a bit with some tears. She was SO excited and happy. And then? I hugged her. She hugged me back so hard. Like she really needed it or something. Made me glad I did it even though touching others is against my nature LOL

So now I am invited to a family reunion for a 98th b-day and 50th anniversary.

This is what happens when I send out my energy to the universe asking to meet people LMAO


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