Bollywood. YES! I do that. The colour. The dance. The exotic way they entice each other. The country of Tantric love. The music. I love the music. The subtitles?
“You are my  love, For eternity. We are united. You are my partner. I am a girl with my beloved. My lamp is lit by your flame. You are my united.”
It sounds so much more pretty in their language. And this is just the opening track. Still? Full of colour and dance while they sing it.
I have had a huge fascination with Indian culture and cuisine since some missionaries from India came to my church when I was a child. I wanted to be there and see it so much? It sorta shaped my life. Back when I was involved in that religious experience as a child? I thought it meant I was mean to go there as a missionary. I’ve let go of that.
Today? I watched a TV show that made me want to Netflix search for Bollywood movies and belly dance around my living room with colourful skirts on LOL
The have an episode where grown up Stephanie Tanner belly dances with a bindy on her head and all I can think is? YUM!
Fucking Bollywood women? Those curvy belly dancing gals? I fucking need to meet more of those!
One other thing though? Even when a doctor is called in the movie? He always tries a natural medicine first. When I am watching movies made in other countries? Particularly India? So much reference to homeopathic medicine. Just a rabbit trail thought for another time.
India seems to have a theme of LOVE and marriage in their films, as well. So there was a wedding welcome song I just watched. It is a song to bring a new bride into your family. It started with the words,
“Listen to what we have to say dear bride. Meet your new family.  (A woman stands up to dance and says) We’ll introduce you to everyone, tell you their secrets, too.” That gets repeated so much until she knows she is welcome. Then the dance to introduce her to the head of the family begins. And it all goes from there. In epic colour and beautiful dance.
But I am really more about the dancing and colour…. so..
Is the movie I am watching. Lots of dialogue I need to read. But a lot of colour, music and girl power to it, so far.
May switch over to something more musical so I can dance more but right now I am dancing at their wedding LOL

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