Rock Stars And Fancy Cars

I met a guy online who is a musician. He was playing at the Vancouver Folk Fest this weekend with the guys from Blue Rodeo. And at the last minute? He messaged to say he wanted to catch a ferry and drive over to take me out for a late dinner and drinks.

Um, well, first? YES!

Second? I did question him. You’re going to ferry two hours across the ocean and drive fours hours? The only ferry he could get lands no where near me. Then he had to have his manager pull strings to get him into a hotel. That’s a lot of effort.

And here I sit. He texted me that he is about 20 minutes out and I should watch for the silver convertible Mercedes. I’ve never been in a Mercedes.

I know I am overreacting in my head. He’s just a guy. But I have never had a guy, let alone someone who walks amongst celebs, o to this kind of over the top effort just to meet me and take me out. I feel pretty cool. And special.

He has a hotel room. I know what that implies and we’ll see what happens. I mean, I like sex and I’m all giddy. Add wine? We’ll see what happens.

Regardless? I think this is one first date that may go better than the last few 🙂



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