Mr. Cool

Of all the first dates I have been on in a while? Mr. Cool, the rock star, was the most exciting by far.

Okay, so he would say he is NOT a rock star. By virtue of the fact I could say his name and you might not recognize it? Star is a bit strong. But he’s one of those musicians behind the stars. He plays for the divas. Yes, he is musical support to the likes of Beyoncé. Toured with Christina Aguillera. I got to see pics of him with Ringo Starr and Joe Walsh. And he played me some of the stuff he has been working on lately. To me? If you travel the world and play/record with all these celebs? You are also a star.

The date itself? He picked me up in the fancy car, took me to dinner at the most amazing restaurant where we laughed and talked. We made friends with the people at the next table over (I even got a girls number LOL). We each had two drinks with dinner and then decided to get something else and go back to his hotel room for a night cap.

We couldn’t find an open liquor store. No off sales. So we retired to his room and ended up in bed. Slutty? Maybe.

But it didn’t feel like that. Actually, he hadn’t been with anyone (even on a date) since his divorce. That’s quite some time. So I felt kind of honoured and like it was something special. We did it a few times in a few ways. It was good. And we did it again this morning before we checked out.

What I really found was the coolest part? Not feeling at all like it was a fuck and chuck. He took me out for breakfast, we went and walked the labrynth at the park (one of my favourite things to do and he had never been), we visited the sand sculpting competition and beach festival. And before going home? We rounded it out with an hour or so hike on one of the community trails.

In the end? He’s a really great, really busy guy who lives three hours from me even when he is home. Not really realistic for hanging out often. But we had pleasant conversation with some nice laughs. We both enjoy the outdoors and gardening. There were lulls in the conversation but they weren’t uncomfortable. I think we both enjoyed each others company. But I can also tell we are from completely different worlds. So maybe I will hear from him or see him again. Maybe I won’t. That’s up to him. But he did say he’d like to get together again sometime.

At the very least? I met one of the coolest people last night. THAT is how to have a first date!


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