Gaped And Swollen


I’ve been getting fucked by one person for the past two days now. Fucked hard by a huge cock. And not just fucked hard. He knows how to really open a girl up and make her gape.

He started so slow and gentle. He kissed the inside of my thighs with gentle nibbles. I loved looking down to see him staring up at me smiling, getting his nose and his tongue right inside me, making me ready for the absolute ravaging that was about to happen to me. He wanted me to be ready. Being so wanting and aching for it? Is what excited him.

It didn’t take long for me to get soaked but he still ate me and licked me for so long. I was cumming and gushing all over his face before he came up to let me taste it off his lips.

As he moved his way up my body? His hands roamed everywhere. Grabbing at all the soft parts. His gentle moans and groans as his hands took hold of my flesh made me feel like I was the most exciting woman in the universe. His squeezing started softly and began to get a little more aggressive as I pushed against him.

And he went back down. To really open a woman you need to use your fingers and your tongue. He gazed at my pussy with such admiration as he slipped the first finger in. Swirling it around he began to open me.

It took time. SO much time.

He licked me open. Fingers gently helping. Sliding two in and spreading them so his tongue could get deeper. And then more fingers.

I sucked in my breathe when he went in with two hands. Two fingers from each hand. Going in and spreading me but so gentle. So tender that is was like my pussy fell open for him. He had to work it but she wanted every part of him.

I’m not sure how many fingers ended up in me. I do know at one point, after hours of working it and fucking me to make my pussy opened up? There were fingers, vibrator AND cock.

Yes. Several hours. But done so tender and patient? I was more open than I have ever been.

So? Wanna see the monster cock that did that amazing damage?

pussy stretcher

That’s soft.

Just wow. He eventually had me so open, gushing and sloppy that he slammed me and rammed me repeatedly for hours. And, well, two days.

Probably again in the next hour or so. LOL

He’s enjoying my natural sexuality. I am enjoying giving into all my darkest parts with him.

But? I’m so swollen now. He’ll need to give extra tender kisses if he expects to even get in her tonight.

fucked raw




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