Moving Day

My moving day is right around the corner and I am so excited.  The previous tenants vacated a few days early so the property manager has graciously allowed me to begin bringing over my outdoor things and anything that can be stored in the outdoor shed while she cleans and readies the cabin. I pick up my keys and take possession tomorrow! With all the advance moving? I should be moved over and nesting before dinnertime!

Someone from a local Facebook group offered me a couch that is going to be perfect for the space. It matches the recliner I already have and she is able to help deliver it the day I move in.

Admittedly, getting the outdoor stuff cleaned up has been exhausting. Things under my RV gooseneck were mudcaked on the bottom. Trying to clean mud off to transport things, while still in a muddy, wet yard, was a challenge but I was lucky to have good help.

My freezer was filthy and rusted from being outside in the rain for two years. However, I washed it up and a friend with more muscle power than I can muster removed all the rust. It’s not quite ‘new’ looking but I’ll throw a coat of spray paint on it and it will look like much less of an eyesore!

Digging around under my RV? I discovered some tools I never knew I had. Different friends offered me tools for gardening over the years and they were just put under the RV. I have a hoe, a spade and an old school hand tiller. All heritage tools in great condition.  There is a nice size axe and a smaller hatchet for splitting firewood for my big outdoor firepit.

So many things are coming together to make this the easiest move I have ever had. Thanks to everyone who been such an encouragement to me throughout the struggle of finding a new home. Your positive energy helped light the way!


7 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Hi, so happy for you! It’s kind of like what’s been going on with me, we have let the new owner move her outdoor stuff into the garage in advance of moving in day, and we gave away all our furniture to friends, work colleagues, a man who looked to buy the house and whose son is getting his first home in April, and the buyer herself. We had double of most things as the previous owner left her stuff. It was nice to help people out and it helped us a lot too. Almost all done now, just last bits of cleaning and packing up, and one more trip to the charity shop and the dump. We move out on Thursday, and the new owner moves in with her kids on Friday. They are really excited and have been round to pick their rooms and decide whatcolours to paint. I am glad a family are having the house. We will move into the travelodge-cheap chain of hotels- to do last minute admin and shopping ready for our adventure. Btw thank you for the tech advice in one of your posts- I am buying a Chromebook to take travelling! All the best, so happy for you! Rachel x

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      1. Hi Shaunda
        Yes I would be very happy to do that, I think that is a lovely idea! It’s nice to communicate in another way as well, as well as having instagram and the blog posts and comments and emails, to have a pen and paper method. A friend of mine has decided we should write letters to each other which is also a nice idea. I can’t say what the frequency will be but I will set my intention for it to be part of my travelling experience to write and send you postcards.
        All the best and thanks again for supporting my blog!
        Rachel xxx

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    1. Thanks so much Gin! It’s been a rough couple years, if you read back through the blog you’ll see some pretty tough times. But you’ll also see some snatch pics so just a heads up to choose what you read wisely LMAO PS. You have mail on the way, sister!


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