The Christian Easter

So many things about celebrating Easter as a Christian confused me when I was a child.
Like, why is the holiday (as in the day off work/school, celebration style) on the day he was crucified? Why was is called Good Friday? Not Sad Friday or Bad Friday? Seems more appropriate to have the ‘holiday’ on the day he rose and call it Good Sunday.
But that raises an entirely different question. Because the death is honoured on the Friday but the resurrection is celebrated on Sunday. My math be off with all this new common core math stuff but I’m pretty sure that’s two days, not three.
One could argue ‘he rose on the third day’ and Sunday was the third day if Friday was the first.
But I always understood Christ’s death to be long and agonizing. It wasn’t something that happened early in the day. And we always celebrated his resurrection as a sunrise kind of occasion. Late Friday to sunrise Sunday is NOT three days. That always baffled me.
When I was in church? I never understood how chocolate, eggs and rabbits played into any of it. Ironically, knowing what I know now, the eggs and rabbits part would have been more interesting to me but Christians don’t really know why those are there.
Lastly? It’s never on the same date. They ascribed his birth a regular day (Dec 25). How can you be honouring someone’s ‘death’ if it’s not a particular day? As a kid in church I felt like people just picked a weekend to talk about Jesus death. That his birth was important enough it happened on the same day every year and we all got presents.
But his death? That part you told me was the most important part because he gave his life for my sins so I could escape eternal damnation? That most important and relevant day in your religious history? It doesn’t warrant a stagnant date? Accurate time frame? And why would you bring anything pagan (like eggs and rabbits) into your “Christian” holiday?
I wish everyone a wonderful spring!

Blessed Eostre

So it’s Good Friday. The day we all get a day off work to celebrate killing Jesus. I always wondered why we got his death as a holiday but not the resurrection. One of my many confusions about Christianity. However that is another subject for another time.
March 21/22 is the marking of Spring. Everything is turning green and it is time to plant. The days are getting warmer as the sun is longer in the sky. What an incredible thing to celebrate.
And celebrate we did!
It was incredibly special to have a Spring feast with my landlord. We both are inclined to celebrate seasons, not ‘holidays’, so today I went up to her place and we made and old-fashioned, traditional Spring Feast. 
Wild meat taken by her son who harvested it respectfully and gifted it to his mother. I can’t wait to meet him. We made a delicious Elk stew. And we made it on fire. Yes, we used the wood stove to cook today. Tradition ❤
Her property manager’s daughter was there for a time. I had such a terrific time teaching that bright young lady what we were doing. She helped me manage the fire, learned how to make bannock and was very pleased with the book I gave her as a gift (yes, some ‘tweens’ still appreciate books). We talked about school and how she prefers to ride horses than study. Old fashioned.
Everyone who passed through the home today was welcome at the table. Shared harvests make for bounty. We shared food, shared wine and shared amazing conversation. We have such amazing conversations.
On so many levels my landlord is a woman I admire.
Some people can look to mothers and other older women for guidance. I never really had a woman in that capacity that wasn’t preaching to me. Until her.
My landlord welcomes me to her home to teach me the old ways from the land around us. She wants to celebrate the seasons with everyone around her.
She has all the tools, space and knowledge to teach me growing, harvesting and canning. And at 82 she still wants to learn new things. We’re going to learn how to make Honey Mead together this summer. Our drink when fall harvest comes and we celebrate the Autumn Equinox together will be our mead.
Spring, Eostre, is the time for beginning. Fresh starts. Planting. Looking forward.
I hope everyone has had as blessed a season as I have!

New Dentist

I have new dentist!!

I’ve been in pain for a few days. I had a broken, rotten molar that was giving me headaches and becoming infected.

I don’t have dental coverage under any of my insurance things. Seems dentists around here aren’t quick to help unless you have insurance or cash up front. No one take payments anymore. Even if things are an emergency.

However, I remembered a dentist I’d heard of that helps people in need and I looked him up online. I called. They wanted to make the appointment right away but I asked about cost, etc. I told them my situation and all the money I had for this. The receptionist told me to come in regardless of my circumstances because the doctor was kind.

So I went.

He extracted my tooth without pain. AND he described everything he was doing and what I could expect to hear or feel as he did it. His assistant held my hand and he kept telling me how great I was doing (like I was giving birth to a tooth LOL).

My appointment today should have cost me around $600. They knew I was financially challenged for that kind of payment all at once. They asked what I had.

I had $120 to offer and said I was willing to make payments (something they don’t do). The dentist decided to do my procedure for the $120. Nothing else would be owed because this was an obvious emergency.

I asked them what it would have cost and they came up with a price that was discounted in many ways and the total came to $290. I made a proposition! If I pay the balance of the bill, instead of taking it as a gift, would they work with me to get help for my teeth on my budget.

And they said yes! They told me they don’t usually take payments but they could see my earnest desire to get my tooth health under control. They will continue to offer me the discounted rate they gave me today.

When I go back to pay the balance next week? He’s going to book me an appointment for a full exam, etc.

I suddenly have this amazing dentist and I am so grateful!

Karma Jail

I know I did some bad things in my past. Hurt people. I went from being a very kind and caring person to being someone who used others and abused friendships. I made some bad karma. Then for a long time life was shitting on me.
I saw the correlation but I ignored it for the longest time. I pushed the last of the people who cared about me away and I ended up alone.
However, the universe must have known that is what I needed. I used that time to heal. Reflect. I used that as an opportunity to turn myself into a better person. And while I was still being crapped by life and people? I maintained my efforts to be good and kind.
It worked! I feel like my time in karma jail has been served and my kindness’ are being rewarded.
I found my dream home with an epic landlord and property manager. They make me feel like family.
I reached out online to find some used furniture for cheap because everything was built into my RV I gave away. People who read my story all along the way? Reached out and gave me some really cool stuff. A leather couch that sorta of matches my recliner and looks great in here. And? A king size bed. She said it was her guest room bed and was never really used but seeing the kindness I gave others made her want to give me the bed.
All good karma right? But it doesn’t stop there!
I went to garage sale today. I spent $8 on a lamp, a piece of art and I bought a book for the property manager’s little girl because she likes horses.
I guess karma thought I didn’t get enough for my $8. As we were driving back through town we passed what we thought was another garage sale and we stopped. Not a sale. FREE. She was downsizing her cabin, boat and RV so she was giving away everything I could see.
I now have a beautiful wooden wine rack that matches the wood in my cabin. Mixing bowls, the good kind with rubberized bottoms. A marble cutting board that matches the kitchen and makes it ‘pop’. Storage containers, cookie sheets, plates…   and she told me to come back tomorrow and she will have more for me.
Yep, I’ve definitely been released from karma jail. The nice thing about good behaviour on release from karma jail? Karma rewards!