The Phone

I’ve had a crappy phone for a while now. Alcatel. Pay as you go. Can’t even send or receive picture messages. Cracked because I am clumsy.
I’ve struggled with the ability to make calls about my health things because I have limited daytime minutes and have to wait on hold. However, I have always been stubborn about paying for my own phone. So I’ve paid for what I could afford.
Today? My BF and I were out doing errands. He surprised me by pulling into a place where he got a brand new phone.
Then? He handed me his iPhone. He got me my own phone number with an amazing plan that was added to his bill.
Now? I have unlimited Canada-wide calling (so I can call my doctors, insurance company, etc and keep on top of my health). It also means I can call family if they want. I can text, send text pics and have 2 GB of data on top of my WiFi. That ALL makes my life easier.
I now own an iPhone 5s with a working camera. That has a plan where I can text or call anyone, anytime. He also gave me a case for it that will really protect it from me.
Our combined phone bill? Now that I don’t pay-as-you-go and have this beautiful phone? Hasn’t changed. We’ve always paid a combined total of $100/month.
We walked out of the store today with him having an iPhone 6. His sim card from the old phone was put into the new one. They put the new sim card in the old phone so I have a new number and better plan on the iPhone 5s. We paid nothing. On a plan already fitting out monthly budget.
I never thought I would be so happy about a phone but this one is kind of a game changer.

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