Apple Health

I always hated Apple (Mac) products. I considered them over priced devices. Components mined by slave children in Africa, built by slave children in China and designed so the newest one is out around 5 minutes after you just bought the brand new thing. I simply didn’t want them.

On the other hand, my BF went to school for graphic design which is primarily a Mac industry so he has always raved about everything Apple. When he got his first ever cellphone (ironically, even though he is a tech geek that was last year) it was the iPhone 5s.

And he raved about it. Tried to show me how easy everything was and even downloaded games I couldn’t get on my meagre Android phone. He made it tantalizing.

Now that I have it in my hands (The Phone) I can see why everyone raves. Not only is it all so freaking simple and everything just works? There are amazing Apple apps built in to help you.

Like? Apple Health. I think this one is a game-changer for me.

One of it’s basic operating functions works like an SOS. If you are in an accident you can simply press a button and it calls 911 for you. It gives them your location AND it sends a message to your emergency contact listed in your phone you have made an SOS call.

Maybe you can’t make that signal because you are unconscious but someone else on the scene has called 911? When the EMTs arrive your phone now acts like a medic alert bracelet. From the unlock screen they can find any allergies, medications or medical conditions they should be aware of. It also gives them the power to then alert your emergency contact.

If you want to get deeper into it? You can record your medical history, keep track of tests (everything from inputting blood test results to taking your heart rate) and make a plan for better nutrition/exercise. There is a mental health component that allows you to make a diary of your mindfulness.

I’m still in search for a local doctor. This is a way I can easily track everything about my health. When I finally get to see a doctor? This will be helpful information.

And that exercise component? Without doing anything but having my phone in my pocket like normal my phone now tracks my movement. My exercise (steps or more) are monitored like a fitbit. And it tells me how I am doing.

I’m totally sedentary at the moment. I knew that. I admit as much. But seeing that word? Well, I got off the couch and checked my garden today. It motivates me to move a bit. I’d like to get it up to ‘lightly active’ by the end of the week.

Oh, and even though I’m not going over my caloric intake? 75% of my calories are from wine. So, that needs to be addressed. I know I’m an alcoholic but 75% of my caloric intake without going over my daily calories is an eye-opener.

So, Apple Health! It’s changed the way I see my phone. And it’s makers.



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