Yoga At The Beach


Wow! Yoga is not as easy at it looks.

I’m VERY flexible so I assumed yoga would be an easy way for me to incorporate muscle training into my walking regiment.

However, yoga? It’s requires a few things. Focus, balance, flexibility and commitment.

I did Yoga at the Beach today. I thought I would be good at it because I have the stretchiness (flexibility).

Turns out I have minimal focus and zero balance. Resulting in about 10 new bruises.

Turns out? Ha ha. There is not ‘turns out’ because it was expected.

My anxiety about being in a new situation with strangers, one of them touching me because she is the instructor? Of course my focus was off even though I muddled though it.

My other health issues that affect my muscles and make them twitch? That makes balance hard on the best of days. Trying to balance with twitching muscles while dealing with anxiety of being touched?

I got through it. Fell more than once in difficult poses but I got back up on the horse.

I LACK focus and balance.

There is that fourth component though. I’ll make up for the lack of focus and balance with commitment!! Next class is next Tuesday so I have all weekend to Youtube beginner yoga videos and practice. Get my BF to help me strength train so I am not falling on basic poses. Not be so much of a falling fool.

Yoga on the Beach! I can do this!