Morning Methheads

I checked into the emergency psych health recently. I will write about the situation more soon but I need to write about this part while it is on my mind. I got home today and this is only a short part of two days but it is significant enough I have questions.
When I woke up in the hospital yesterday morning around 6:30am to go to the bathroom there was a gentleman in the common area who was an overnight arrival. He was clearly agitated and paranoid, shouting out about the nurses behind the glassed in nursing station ‘talking shit about him’.
I tried to get back into my room but it was not a real room (they had put me on a mattress in the conference room for lack of beds). I found the door was locked. I was locked in the common room while they had their morning meeting and ignored what was happening outside the glass.
When he started pacing around the room and addressing them directly? They came out and talked to him. When they were afraid of him? They went back behind closed glass and left me alone with him in the common area.
They called security. Security arrived but went behind closed glass with them to talk about it which amped him up more. No one checked to see if I was safe while I was alone with him addressing me directly about their actions.
Finally, another young guy came in the area (addict, looking for a place to sober and rehab but calm and cool). He sat beside agitated guy and just tried to reassure him no one is talking about him. When agitated guy addressed me? Other junkie spoke up some kind of calming answer that left me out. He made me feel safer.
Security eventually came out and tried to convince ‘agitated’ he needed to go to a quiet room. They worked on him for twenty minutes or so with the help of nurses and social worker while he threatened others in the room. Particularly myself and the female nurses.
“Oh I’d never hit a bitch, but I have no issue telling them they’re bitches. Right, you fucking cunt looking at me?” (that was directed at me even though my eyes were in my lap and my headphones were on)
A doctor came out and asked him a bunch of questions. One result was, “yes, he had smoked meth about 4 hours ago, right before he was brought in”. Also, that going to a quiet room would be like putting him back in the prison cell he spent most his life in.
My fear factor shot up. This guy was a raging, meth-high, tatted, tear-dropped, ex-prisoner. However, the doctor felt Mr. Agitated had calmed down enough from their chat he could stay in the common room. No sedatives administered.
By that time it was 7:30am and people were coming into the area for breakfast. I met a lovely woman and we had our breakfast together, discussing our own situations while trying to deal with his ranting to everyone about how everyone in the room is talking about him. He got very angry when K and I ignored him. Called us foul names and gave “I’d never… but I could” kind of threats.
So many nurses and aides walked through the room as this was happening. They just kept telling him “it’s not all about you, they aren’t talking about you”. No one checked to see if we felt okay or unsafe, but he got offered warm blankets to calm him.
K asked if I wanted to go back to her room to get away from it and we did. We had a great talk and we bonded. But you can only sit for so long before you want to stretch your legs. We went back to the common area, grabbed some coffees and sat in the corner to chat more.
That’s when hell broke loose. Mr. Agitated started getting upset about the nurses ignoring him. It was because they were talking about him. Every person in the room was talking about him. K and I MUST have gone away to talk about him. What kind of shit were we saying? Was I saying he stole my blanket? Bitches like us just need to get raped. You know, he could rape a little kid and all he would get charged with was child rape but he could almost get away with doing us….  His rant went on as we cowered over our coffee, scared and unsure what to do and nurses sat behind glass.
It took three minutes of him pacing in front of us and verbally abusing us for another patient to alert nurses and them to call a Code White. Security came. And they tried to talk him down again.
And when they couldn’t? K and I were made to leave the common area, not him. So we cowered in her room until they finally had RCMP come and take him away.
I’m a rape victim with anxiety. How could they leave me in that room with an admitted methed up person while they hid behind glass? How could they leave him in the room after admitting he was that high and was already acting aggressive? Just because he calmed down for a moment? He terrorized more than one person. Why was he allowed to do that?