What Is The Best Compliment You’ve Ever Received?

**Names in this have been slightly changed!!

The best compliment I ever received? Is a story in itself.

When I was a 14 yr old I wasn’t as super cool as I am today. Dumpy, frumpy, nerdy and felt bullied at school.

I took it well and even developed the nickname Shaundiluv.

One day the principal called me to his office and told me they were taking a new girl who was leaving her old school. She had a issues with appearance and was bullied so much at her previous school.

He told me he had spoke to ‘Felix’ (the most popular guy at school) to ask how this girl could transition to our school without suffering the same way. Apparently Felix told him, “Introduce her to Shaunda. She’s the most kind and compassionate person I know.” And then my principal asked if I would be the girl’s friend.

I decided that day to live my life by rule of kindness and compassion. Pretty great compliment.

Second part to the story?

About a year ago I met a new friend and we hang out quite a bit. One day a couple months ago he looked at me and said, “Do you know what I like about you? It doesn’t matter where we are or the situation… everybody leaves interactions with you with a smile on their face. You’re kind to everyone.”

It made me feel like my most important life goal had been achieved. And THAT was actually the best compliment I ever received. 🙂

Spooning At It’s Finest

I’ve always wanted to involve food in my play.

Last night when my main playmate asked me if I wanted dessert? I told him yes. Did he have ice cream? Of course he did because he loves sweet things.

Neapolitan. Kind of boring and I teased him. “You could have thrown a little difference in there with green. Be Spumoni in a Neapolitan world LOL Neapolitan is where every form of boring ice cream collides.”

He asked sincerely how he could make it better.

I told him I have never had ice cream eaten off me and have always wanted to do food play.

He grabbed a bowl n spoon n towel.

He put the towel on the couch. I laid back as he spread my thighs. At first he just dripped a bit of ice cream all around my thighs. I told him it was cold and he licked it all off warming me up.

It was then he began to drip it onto my clit and lick. Suddenly more ice cream was on the spoon and he rubbed it up and down my lips as I squirmed from the Brrr.

I thought it was fun and sexy. I never thought there could be more.

However, he suddenly had this giant spoon full of ice cream. He spread my pussy wide as he could and put the spoon in. Then he lapped up everything that dripped out while he used the spoon to fuck and stretch me.

It was a lot of ice cream. He licked and tongued everywhere that cream dripped. All while spoon fucking me.

I started moaning and squirming. And for the first time in a long time? I was suddenly squirting all over his face.

We decided Neapolitan plus Shaunda? Is called Cumoni.