The Dance Off

I’m a bit known for always having my headphones on in public. And always dancing to whatever is playing. I get commented on, offered rides, honks n waves. But today was the first ever throw down LOL

I was at the bus stop, grooving to my tunes while I waited. Across the highway, in the parking lot, was some kind of bottle drive. I wasn’t paying too much attention.

Until some hippie in a hoodie, with a man bun, was suddenly on the boulevard and he was dancing.

I thought he was making fun of me because he mimicked every move. Then I realized he was challenging me. I would do something and he would copy it. He would do something but it was way more fancy than I can pull off. But I tried.

We had a dance off for ten minutes as a crowd gathered to watch it and people in the traffic between us honked and waved.

When my bus came? Everyone on the other side of the highway waved at me. I blew them kisses.

Best experience ever!

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