Pro? Life? Choice? Birth?

That having a baby thing?

I am all for pro-creation and I want to see more people my age and younger pro-creating than not. I especially want to encourage people who feel like their race is dying out to pro-create.

However? I chose not to do that. Why? I have health issues. They make it difficult for me to commit to anything long term, like kids. Also? I come with medical history that I am challenged by and could be passed on. If I can’t deal with it? How could I help a child?

I made a choice not to have children. While I was in surgery for other reasons I asked my doctor to give me a tubal ligation. Because I am pro-life and I would rather fix myself than abort a fetus. That is my choice.

My choices and beliefs are my own. I believe science says life is life the second it begins to duplicate itself. Cell level. I won’t take a human life.

However? I’ve gone into abortion surgeries with friends because that is their choice and they needed a friend at their side. I went without judgement and I supported them through recovery.

So am I pro-life because of what I believe or pro-choice because of what I support? I guess choice. Because even though it’s not my choice I would never try to stop another person for theirs.

White Male ‘Privilege’?

People are people. Who started anything? Many wars happened before the ones we seem to think are so important. Many countries and nations were conquered before our own country came to be. So many enslaved.
People have risen and fell throughout history. Countries and nations conquered and even wiped out.
White male privilege is gone. There is no privilege left in being a white male. At least among the ones I know.
Maybe in the richest?
But the white males I know are hard working men. They can’t find work in their trained industry because Canada isn’t hiring anyone who isn’t a visible minority.
They try to find anything, even below their trained station and they are met with companies only hiring people with visible minority.
And then they end up homeless. And because they are white males who should be able to work? They can’t get shelter. They can’t get more than $236 for rent from social assistance.
Can’t get the gov’t to help and ignored for jobs because employers favour minorities.
THAT is the plight of the white male who DOESN’T have privilege.