Amazon Prime

I’m not a rich person. It means I am always looking for a way to save a buck where I can. I read my flyers, buy bulk on sale, cut coupons, use points programs and even do surveys online to find ways to save. I made it into a hobby or game. Like, how much can I save today?

I pay for internet. Cheaper than getting cable was to get Netflix to get movies, TV, etc. Netflix n chill was working well for less per month than cable.

I order things online. I don’t like travelling to the ‘big city’ for things and can’t get everything I need around here. So I’ve been paying shipping on regular items. Hmmm.

I mostly order from Amazon. Why? Remember those surveys? They pay me with Amazon gift cards.

Amazon Prime is $76/year. Netflix? $11/month = $132/year

Amazon Prime has better TV and movie options. Their TV shows are star studded.

Oh, and by saving $56/year on my TV habits? I also get free two-day shipping. I spent close to $70 last year in shipping alone. So that’s more savings and huge convenience.

Lastly, Amazon Prime gives me discounts on things I order regularly. My cat’s food? Cheaper on Amazon, delivered to my door with free shipping.

Making the switch to Amazon Prime has significantly affected my budget to the positive.  If you order online and watch internet based programming? I recommend Amazon Prime!

TD Canada Trust

I love my bank!

Today is TD Customer Appreciation Day. I had banking to do so I received my cookie and mints LOL It’s not why I am writing this.

Over a decade ago? I didn’t have photo ID (only my birth certificate and SIN).

I was an administrator, responsible for bank deposits for the company I worked for, so I saw commercial bank tellers at TD every day. One day? I casually mentioned I wished my personal banking was as easy as my bosses. The teller asked why it wasn’t.

“I don’t have photo ID or good credit. No bank wants to take me with a birth certificate and a signature.”

The business relationship where I had to be there every day for one of their multi-million customers? Got me a bank account on a signature.

I’ve been with TD for more than a decade. I recommend them to others and have had three or more friends open accounts there.

Now? I still love my bank! They recently changed their hours back to more like banker hours (in my area, at least) and that’s a bit inconvenient. Very minor!

In the past six months? They helped my boyfriend and I set up savings. They helped reduce our fees based on how we spend. They helped him with credit and gave me great info on how to build mine. TD is the bank that encouraged me to open my RDSP account and it is growing all the time.

I love my bank. As much as one can love a bank.

If you have to participate in fiat currency? They’re they place I recommend!

The Phone

I’ve had a crappy phone for a while now. Alcatel. Pay as you go. Can’t even send or receive picture messages. Cracked because I am clumsy.
I’ve struggled with the ability to make calls about my health things because I have limited daytime minutes and have to wait on hold. However, I have always been stubborn about paying for my own phone. So I’ve paid for what I could afford.
Today? My BF and I were out doing errands. He surprised me by pulling into a place where he got a brand new phone.
Then? He handed me his iPhone. He got me my own phone number with an amazing plan that was added to his bill.
Now? I have unlimited Canada-wide calling (so I can call my doctors, insurance company, etc and keep on top of my health). It also means I can call family if they want. I can text, send text pics and have 2 GB of data on top of my WiFi. That ALL makes my life easier.
I now own an iPhone 5s with a working camera. That has a plan where I can text or call anyone, anytime. He also gave me a case for it that will really protect it from me.
Our combined phone bill? Now that I don’t pay-as-you-go and have this beautiful phone? Hasn’t changed. We’ve always paid a combined total of $100/month.
We walked out of the store today with him having an iPhone 6. His sim card from the old phone was put into the new one. They put the new sim card in the old phone so I have a new number and better plan on the iPhone 5s. We paid nothing. On a plan already fitting out monthly budget.
I never thought I would be so happy about a phone but this one is kind of a game changer.

Riverside Resort

I live at Riverside Resort in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island.  I am sharing the information with the world because I need to talk about the one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had!

I’ve never had a problem here with another guest and the majority of the staff are remarkably kind and professional so this caught me off guard.

It started a couple days before Christmas. My water froze for the second time this season.

I have a heat tape that wraps my hose because I know it could freeze but the heat tape left a couple feet uncovered. If it was heated from the spigot until a couple feet until into the trailer? Should be fine!

They told me after the first time it froze to leave my water running. Honestly? My bathroom tap is always running (even in  the summer) because Sami won’t drink standing water in a dish. When the water stopped running? My tap was on and I discovered there was no water coming from the spigot.

I reported the frozen water immediately and was told they would ask someone about it. I went back and forth into the office filling my bottles with water for cooking and dishes and inquiring if they had looked at the water situation for two days before being told it was my fault because my heat tape doesn’t go all the way to my trailer.

I knew it was a park problem because it was the same thing that happened last time. But I checked my hose again. Sure enough there was no water or ice. And still no water coming from the spigot.

I went back to the office and told them the problem was clearly NOT with my equipment and I was unhappy they had tried to blame me when no one had even inspected the situation yet.

I was finally told the maintenance person would be gone until December 27.

It was only Christmas Eve and the office was going to be closed so I wouldn’t even have a way to get water to cook, clean or drink for two days. I raised my voice and said it was unacceptable. Suddenly? The owner and another P/T employee were at my door.

My friend, a guest in my home who was trying to help me with this and a professional in irrigation systems, went out to show them the situation and try to discover the source of the problem. Instead of talking to him and trying to all work together to resolve a difficult situation? The owner chose to scream at my friend while his employee threatened my friend.

My friend kept his cool and came back inside with the situation still unresolved.

On Christmas Day we managed to get by in the morning. And then? A Solstice blessing!

My favourite maintenance guy came by the park. He has worked here longer than the owner has owned it and he knows the situation. His son works here, also amazing, and is the one who fixed this last time.

Tom came by my RV. He re-assured me he knew the problem and it would be fixed. My water was on within minutes.

So what is the problem that I could leave a tap with water flowing and it could still freeze?

My RV site is the only one in the park that is on the ‘camping site’ water lines. I’m the last spigot at the end of the line. The water doesn’t flow because no one is camping and the lines were buried not nearly low enough because they were only ever intended for camping. I moved into my site as permanent and the water lines were never buried further. If the ground freezes quickly? The water lines freeze before they even get to my side of the fence. Even with my water on at a trickle.

I thanked him for explaining it to me again. I was grateful to have my water back and just wanted to let it go.

However? they ignored me and blamed me and then a resort employee threatened my guest. I couldn’t let it out of my mind because I don’t believe in letting people bully me.

I went into the office a few days later (after having time to calm down) and asked to speak with the owner privately. I told him I was really concerned with how that situation was handled and how my guest was treated. He tried to make excuses. I explained to him what the maintenance guy told me and how it was, in fact, the resorts problem. I reiterated there is never an excuse for employees to threaten guest with physical harm. And I got a bit emotional about it. All I was asking for was an apology and he would rather argue it was a holiday? Tears came to my eyes.

Instead of an apology I was told to go away. “I don’t even listen to my kids if they cry, so I won’t listen to you.”

So, I’m looking for a new place to live. And I definitely don’t recommend living at Riverside Resort unless you’re willing to tolerate physical threats from employees and ignored park maintenance issues.


My New Chromebook

**I am NOT tech savvy! I need to be talked into trying new things. This is written from that perspective!**
A friend bought me an Asus Chromebook. He thought it would be great for me to be able to blog more, maybe even write about things while I am out n about.

I can’t say enough how happy I am with my new Chromebook!

If you are looking for a device that works as a laptop AND tablet? That will be a regular internet connection but also you can use your Android/Smartphone apps? Has a long battery life? The Asus Chromebook might be for you.
It’s a SOLID STATE hard drive so everything just happens so quickly. I can watch my Netlix while blogging in a side by side window. And everything runs smooth because it’s all just Chrome. The only ‘games’ I play are apps and it works perfect for them as well.
It connects to Wifi and Bluetooth (works great with my Bose). Sounds great through my headphones. The speakers in the device itself are what you would expect out of a mini-laptop. Decent quality but low volume.
Set-up? Well, it came with some battery charge so I pretty much flipped it open (it powered up without a press of anything) and I logged into my Google account. Done!
If you’re looking for something super easy that operates as both a tablet and a laptop but won’t break your bank? I highly recommend this lovely device I am typing on right now!