Pro? Life? Choice? Birth?

That having a baby thing?

I am all for pro-creation and I want to see more people my age and younger pro-creating than not. I especially want to encourage people who feel like their race is dying out to pro-create.

However? I chose not to do that. Why? I have health issues. They make it difficult for me to commit to anything long term, like kids. Also? I come with medical history that I am challenged by and could be passed on. If I can’t deal with it? How could I help a child?

I made a choice not to have children. While I was in surgery for other reasons I asked my doctor to give me a tubal ligation. Because I am pro-life and I would rather fix myself than abort a fetus. That is my choice.

My choices and beliefs are my own. I believe science says life is life the second it begins to duplicate itself. Cell level. I won’t take a human life.

However? I’ve gone into abortion surgeries with friends because that is their choice and they needed a friend at their side. I went without judgement and I supported them through recovery.

So am I pro-life because of what I believe or pro-choice because of what I support? I guess choice. Because even though it’s not my choice I would never try to stop another person for theirs.


Okay, so within minutes of posting my post about being harassed at the grocery store?

I received a message from the website people I sent it to. All kinds of apologies. Ken was chastised (and I was told he is apologetic) and my information was sent to head office.

Additionally? The person responding recognized me as being someone who has previously praised their store. In my message she saw my anxiety.

Carina. She assured me I was not wrong. She apologized for QF and sent Ken’s personal apology. She let me know the website was corrected because I brought it to there attention. She offered me the money back I had spent on BOTH pack of paper towel.

How she went ABOVE AND BEYOND? In her reply she told me she can see I don’t want any more confrontation so she will make arrangements for my refund to be in an envelope at customer service with my name. She also gave me the schedule of the person who intimidated me. So I can shop there and avoid him until I am comfortable again.

She recognized my health issues related to my complaint. She responded in kind care and understanding of the customers perspective.

I guess in the long run? Quality Foods has some extraordinary staff. One bad experience does not define them. Responding to it with such diplomacy is what makes my local grocery store the best!

How Do They Not Get It?

Oh my gods the anxiety today!!

I took the chance of trying to dispute something on a receipt. Innocent question and I was okay with a ‘no’. But then mental chaos for me.

How am I stronger for it? I wrote this letter to the store management:

I’m writing to tell you about an unfortunate experience I had at the Qualicum Beach Quality Foods store this morning.

On April 4 I purchased paper towels. I had secured the ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ deal on my Rewards Card because I saw the picture of the paper towels I use. I picked them up according to the picture.  Econo paper towels.

When I reviewed my bill after I got home? I discovered the discount had not been applied. I looked on the website to make sure I had picked up the right item and discovered a discrepancy. The picture was Econo towels and the description was for Ultra towels.

Today, April 5, I came back to the store with my receipt and my laptop with a visual of the ad and I approached the cashier, Lisa.

As Lisa looked into it I pointed out the ad discrepancy and told her the fault might be mine. However I thought it was misleading. She seemed to think I was correct about being overcharged (based on the picture of the ad and my receipt) but could not work it out in the computer. I told her I just want to make sure any mistake on the website was corrected.

She could not work things out at the till so she asked for a supervisor to come over.


I barely had my concern out of my mouth before he told me I purchased the wrong product. The one on the deal is single roll and I purchased double. I tried to tell him I was aware I that might be the problem (purchasing the wrong item) but tried to point out the ad issue. He ignored my concern about the ad and told me again the ad was for single roll, not double roll. He added, “There is a difference”. I pointed out the misleading picture that said nothing about size. He re-iterated for a third time the special was for single roll, not double.

At that point I mentally tried to disengage and thanked him, told him I understood his position. He tried again to explain and I cut him off and told him I understood and he could leave.

At no time did I raise my voice. I wasn’t asking for compensation. If I was wrong in purchase I only wanted the website corrected so it wasn’t so misleading. I only raised a concern. One that Lisa understood and tried to help with.

But Ken? He assumed what I wanted. Assuming I wanted compensation he offered to have me bring in the wrong paper towels for a refund. I explained I usually walk to town and got the deal because I had a ride. And also because I needed paper towel so some had already been opened. Return was not an option. That was one of the points he tried to remind me I bought the wrong ones. I asked him to leave the conversation because he could not stop explaining how I was wrong over and over after I already understood. I was being made to feel stupid.

After he finally walked away I thanked Lisa for her time and help. I went over to the isle where the paper products were and I looked at the paper towels.

Both sizes were mixed. It’s probably because of customers. They looked like they should be separate on the shelf but they weren’t. The product packaging is identical, except for fine print, and easily mixed up. I took out my laptop to compare the ad with the shelf.

It’s as I was examining this and realizing how easily I could have made the mistake? Ken came up behind me. He startled me by reminding me again that I purchased the wrong size. I told him I understood what he said and was looking at it for myself.

It’s when he started to tell me for a fifth time I’d purchased the wrong size that I asked him to stop treating me like I am stupid. He tried to assure me he wasn’t. I asked him how repeating the same thing I already said I understood wasn’t treating me like I was stupid and I asked him again to leave me alone so I go about my shopping.

I have anxiety. I was shaking after that encounter. I felt threatened. I felt harassed and belittled. I felt like ‘the ‘dumb’ woman must need this explained over and over’ even though I told him I understood. When he came up behind me? I was startled. I was only trying to confirm what he said but he took it as an opportunity to harass me further about an issue I had already conceded on. I had to go sit down in the little cafeteria before I could continue my shopping.

I wasn’t doing anything wrong so why was a manager following me around after I asked him to leave me alone?  All I did was try to bring up a concern. Point out a possible web issue and see if I was warranted some money back.

After all of that? I got home to write this concern to you and found that deal has been updated. It no longer says Ultra towels. It’s Econo, single size! I wasn’t wrong. The ad was wrong. And I was belittled, harassed and made to feel stupid by an employee who’d rather prove himself correct than investigate something.

I have written wonderful things about QF before. It’s the only place I can walk to shop. I love the points program. I’ve had other concerns that were addressed professionally and promptly.

However? Going forward I’m re-organizing how I shop to ensure I spend the least amount of money I can in your store. I will be taking my shopping elsewhere for any major purchasing. And wherever I have said good things about Quality Foods I will now be sure to share this story about how your employees harass customers to the point of anxiety even when the customer was at least partially correct!


So, yeah, that happened today. I felt crushed as it was happening but sat. I ate eggs in their cafeteria and got out unscathed. Really? The majority of the people there are amazing. But I really never want to see that man again.