Double Stuffed

WARNING: This post contains XXX pics and verbiage. Please only read it if you like this kind of smut reading LOL

I’ve never been shy to say I like to be filled up.

While many partners have told me they have no idea how my tiny box can take such a stuffing? It can. There is a week of the month that my precious pussy will take anything you want it to. I can never be full enough. My body is trying to get pregnant, even though I am fixed, and suddenly I need to get fucked hard and filled up. It’s nature.

Mr. Corvette caught me on one those days tonight. He fucked me just fine but he could tell I needed something more.


His cock is awesome and super satisfying. He knows how to use it for sure. But he could just tell. And he asked. “What can I do to make sure you are getting all you want tonight?”

I told him I needed more than just his dick.

At first I suggested fingers, as many as he could get in. Then I told him he should shove his cock in and wrap fingers around it to jerk off in me. When none of it was enough? He asked if he could shove a toy in with it.

Double stuffed.

We grabbed my largest toy and did it with both. I have never done that before.


I was so full. I started to cum immediately. My toy is very big so we needed a bit of extra lube. He got it in me so well. He came and kept fucking me until we both came again. He told me he thinks I am so hot when I am cumming.

And then he was gone again LOL I will see him in the next couple days for another round. It’s so hot when he comes by to visit me. And he promised to bring me a new bigger toy. I’m spoiled 🙂

Big D

I have a soft spot for Big D. I met him through my main playmate. He’s been involved in a few groups activities I have been at. He’s usually the centre of attention for the ladies LOL He’s BIG. But he is more than his cock.

He’s the kind of filthy dirty all women crave but none are willing to admit. I’m number four on his roster of gals. He has his main playmate. And his baby gurl. And other’s I don’t know…  but I live closest so I get to see him more often.


What I like most is the deviant nature of him. He knows where to find my hidden key which means he can sneak into my place at any time in the night.

I’m often roused from slumber by him standing beside me. He’s pulled back my blanket and pushed up my nightshirt and I see him gazing at my cotton panties or my bare pussy lips. He’s rock hard and he pushes up against my thigh.

I moan and try to turn away but he pulls me back on to my back and shushes me. “It’s okay, baby. We won’t tell anyone about this.”

He climbs on my bed and kneels between my thighs and rubs that throbbing log of wood on my pussy lips. Suddenly I realize it was his tongue that woke me because I am soaking wet.

I whimper a bit as he leans forward and whispers, “It will only hurt for a second….  ” And he enters me.

It does hurt. Only until it doesn’t. As I relax? My body can take it and suddenly I am pushing against him for more.

But he loves when I am out of the comfort zone. So he turns me over and pulls me on to my knees. Then his fingers are in my juicy cunt as he searches out my asshole with his tongue. And I squirm.

He’s so tall and over powering. He’s built like a brick. He can pin my arms with one hand as he pushes his other hand into my pussy and his tongue delves further into a place I don’t allow anyone.

And when I think I can’t experience anything more pleasurable? He flips me over. He leans deep and thrusts that giant cock so far into me I can barely breath.

As I catch my breath he is kissing my neck and telling me what a good girl I am. He asks me to tell him about all the dicks I have had in me since he saw me last. As I tell him? He thrusts harder. I cry out with some pain but he keeps going, reminding me I am good slut and that he enjoys my slutty little pussy. As I tell him what a good little slut I will be for him? He fills my pussy.

Grunting and thrusting he groans and I can feel the pulsing of him finishing inside me.

There is something special about how Big D leaves me spent and fulfilled.

Riddle Me This

Here’s a simple riddle:

Three guys message “what are you up to?” (there has been one date with each, two put on the moves already and the third was the least attractive so a bt shy, none have been slept with)

All three get the same reply, “I’m loving the rain is cooling off my place so I can get some things done around my home and maybe do some baking later. But I need to get to the store first so I’m getting ready for that.”

Guy 1: So no time to have a quick fuck?

Guy 2: Maybe we should ‘cuddle’ to a movie instead.

Guy 3: OKay, I know you’re busy. But you shouldn’t have to walk or take a bus in the rain. I have some time today so I could give you a ride. That would give us time to just hang out. But no pressure.

Which guy will get the pleasure of my company today?

I know what I am known for. I’m the Princess of Sluts. Queen of Debauchery. Right?

In truth? I go round about with sex. So it’s not surprising that one friend replied with a quirky, tongue-in-cheek reply.

“Well #3 is the only one who put your needs into his response, so he seems like the best choice. But knowing you, you’ll pick #1, kick him out in time for #2 to watch a movie, and tell #3 that you could use the ride tomorrow. ”

I’m laughing because he is so honest. Also he knows me much better than I realized. And he did tell me, after, it was tongue n cheek. But I also see the reality of how I am seen.

I replied to him with the honest answer of the riddle.

You do know me. Too well, apparently. LOL

BUT,  I’m trying to make changes in my life. So I chose another path today.

I told #1 to go fuck himself. I told #2 he should try harder.

And #3? Well, he’s gonna drive me to errands and expect nothing. But I’m working on the cookies before he picks me up so I can give him treats and I plan to give him a kiss goodbye.

If, during our outing, he makes me laugh and smile? I plan to ask him up to hang out and look at music online to see if that is a fit for us. Because I know he won’t pressure me for more.”

That is the truth. I’m not going to stop being who I am but I am going to have times as I am growing that I try on ‘self respect’ as a thing I might like.


Who shaped your life?

Was it your parents? Your church? Family outside the core…  like cousins, aunts, uncles? Teachers? How did any of them come together to either teach you or contradict each other?

Did you shape your life? Were you even allowed to? Did I shape mine? Has everything I think and believe come from other people. Their gods. Their perceptions.

Am I broken? Was I abused and that makes me who I am?

So many people tell me I was sexually abused. I don’t believe that. I would think I would remember it as much as I remember everything else.

My life is vivid to me. I live it in my memories. My life happens over and over in my dreams. That is not always pleasant but it doesn’t have abuse.

I know I was loved.

I know I abused some of that love. My brother doesn’t love me anymore because I hurt him. I never meant to but I can’t take it back. I have turned my back on family. I have hurt so many people who have loved me.

And now I find myself trying to shape my life around me.

I’m reaching out in all the wrong ways. And I am not sure how not to.

I want to be a better person.

Once Upon A Time….

Once upon a time I fell madly in love with a Nazi.

To be truthful? He is one of the most amazing of  persons I have ever met.

We had a wild romance and became engaged.

It ended over two things.

A family member who never met him told me he was not allowed at a family holiday event. And I was doing hard drugs at the time.

The Nazi didn’t know about either. I didn’t go to my family Christmas and he learned about the drugs shortly after.

And it ended.

I’ve apologized to him. He has become an online friend since then. More than the cousin who told me not to come to Christmas.

I don’t make my life out to be who I affiliate with.

I know a lot of gays. I know people post trans surgery. I know bikers. I know thugs. I know Christians. I know so many people from all walks of life.

Once upon a time I probably knew someone like you.

And I love you all.

1, 2, 3, 4…. I Declare A CockWar

Have I taken a lot of dick lately? Hell, I took a lot of dick yesterday.

Mr. Corvette came over super early AM. He crawled into bed and slid inside me. He fell asleep still inside me and we slept for a couple hours like that.

Then came the guy I went to the nude beach with (the guy from Blanket Boy) and he brought a friend who was just visiting the island. Apparently I am a tourist attraction LOL

Lastly, was a guy I have seen a few times. He has a nice thick cock and tries to make sure I get off (not always successful).

Those are just yesterday’s escapades.

One thing I can say is I have a few cocks in my command at the moment. I suck them..



Which is unusual for me. I haven’t really been into that in a long while. Seems I am more curious these days. I especially like when I get one from the front and one from behind.

both ends

Still my favourite is when they pull out and drench me in cum. If you’ve ever read Bukkake Dreams (a previous post) you would know I am getting my dreams to cum true!



Ah, wishes do come true. I’m a spoiled rotten little cum slut whose boys actually care about her. And I use ‘Cock Wars’ loosely because none of my boys are jealous. I’m just a very lucky lady these days.

Can We Go Taboo Here?

WARNING: XXX/taboo talk

There’s a kid I used to babysit. His dad and my dad? Besties back in the day. We’ve referred to each other as brother and sister for years.

We live a country apart so we have not made it real.

But we exchange pics. We talk openly, sexually how we would love to get together.

So what is the fantasy for me? It’s the brother/sister thing. Disgusting, right? But if it’s just a faux brother what’s the harm?

And? I have a guy that comes around. I put pony tails in my hair and he sneaks in my room (I leave my door open). I’m suddenly 12 years old and he does everything to me, gently, in my sleep.

I love how he whispers in my ear not to tell anyone. That he loves touching me and wants it to be our secret.

Are you disgusted yet?

I screwed a 73 yr old. He called out his daughters name while I called him daddy.

I love taboo talk. So off the rails.

Dear Morning Wood

WARNING: XXX verbiage

You already know I love your morning wood.

Today? I only have imagination….

I love it when we have fallen asleep together. I roll over in the night and end up touching myself in my sleep. Then I wake up to you. Your eyes open and you instinctively reach for me.

I enjoy your morning touch.

I crave the way you put me into any position you want me. Spread my legs and hold me down. Roll me over and take me from behind. Sometimes eating me from either direction.

Your tongue on me in me in the morning? You must love the taste of me. Your tongue makes me feel beauty.

When you open me up with your fingers? I gasp a bit because I know you are going to give me exactly what I want. You are willing and wanting to do anything I say.

I can’t believe the way I gasp and moan under your touch.

When you enter me? I feel so excited to pleasure you. However you want to take me I am thrilled to oblige you.

And when you cum? I know it’s for me.

I love your morning wood.

Mr. Corvette Guy


Yep! This is an award winning Corvette, featured in magazines, that has Lambo style doors that open upward. And this pic was taken outside my door because the owner rolled up in it.

Mr. Corvette Guy gave permission to write about him as long as I call him that.

He has this crazy amazing job that allows him a lot of freedom but also keeps him on call 24/7. And it’s super private. I mean, he has told me but I am not allowed to give details. He’s like top of the line of the blue collar stuff. One of a few people in North America that have the tickets to do what he does. We live between two military bases he subcontracts himself to.

He found me online and decided he likes to spend his at least some of his off time with me.  Fucking. He’s a playmate.

It started out like once a month. And it was brief visits for sex. But in the past month has turned into him texting me almost daily to check in and see if I am having a good day. No intention to visit…  just checking on me.

Sometimes? He just wants to relax in my bed and watch movies together. He even brought over the appropriate electronics things to put movies on my TV in the bedroom instead of this laptop. My bedroom was too warm? He brought me a fan to help cool things off. He brings food. Wine. Always asks before he shows up if I need anything he can bring.

Do I feel spoiled? You bet. He’s very generous. Kind.

And, of course, we are fucking.

He knows my main playmate. We have been in situations together before (that’s how I met Mr. Corvette Guy). He has no problem with me saying I can’t get together because I’m with my guy. My guy has no issue with me inviting Mr. CG to come over if he wants to hang out all of us.

Back to the fucking.

Up until now it was a bit vanilla. He likes to cuddle up to a movie and then slip in from behind while spooning.

Tonight? I’m not sure if it was because we kept missing each other this week or what but the anticipation had me over the top. He came over tonight.

We listened to some tunes and took it to the bedroom quick. Maybe it was because he noticed I changed my duvet cover (I like it when guys notice details). Maybe it was because we laid in my bed and talked for almost an hour about life stuff as we listened to music. Maybe it was because he told me he loves it when he can stop by and actually have the time to spend just hanging out together before sex.

Tonight there was no spooning. Tonight he totally fingered me exactly how I told him to. Tonight he wanted missionary style so he could watch me. We talked about what each of wanted as it happened. He did exactly as I asked. His fingers and cock were tools at my disposal.

And tonight? I came so much more hard with him than before. Tonight he kissed me for the first time. We both thought it was weird but agreed we kiss well together LOL His arms around me. My legs around him. We both came so hard together before we collapsed on the bed in a fit of laughter. Neither of us expected it to be so crazy awesome, tonight.

We’ve agreed to work on that more. He wants to take pictures and videos. He wants to spend more time just talking. He wants to put me in other positions and see if we get off as hard.

Mr. Corvette Guy is one of my favourite guys. I’m excited to have more stories with him.