Growing Old

We all get old. It’s not sexy.

I’m 42, been hitting on menopause because of my heath issues. Meno? She’s a fucking fabulous wonder. Meno. Lucky me I’ve had all the hormonal crap, pain in tits crap…  just won’t stop bleeding.

In the past weeks? I have met my share of older men. I love them.

Men over 70? When I say I like wine? They show up with enough I can drink and save a bottle. I have a growing wine cooler LOL

Beyond that?

They just want to have a glass of wine with me. They tell me about their wives. Dementia. Alzheimers. Dry box from old age. They show me pictures of their grandchildren. One even said he wished his grandson could find a woman as KIND as me.

In the end? Everyone needs touch. One of the reasons older people fall hard and fast  toward death as age hits? No one touches them unless it’s to change a diaper.

They lose their lovers to age. They are so alone.


I’ve used that word a lot lately. I feel alone.

Sluts get to have people around but they never have people stay. Sluts are lonely, too.

I know what it is like to feel alone.

When these men come to me? They think they want sex. More often than not? They have a glass of wine with me. And they tell me about their wife. And they cry as I hold one hand while they use the other to jerk off. I kiss their penis as they cum on my face.

And they cry. And they apologize. And they are so kind.

I tell them they should not feel ashamed. They are safe to be sexual around me and not feel like they are a bad man. That being able to experience them was a pleasure for me. And I tell them to go visit their wife right after. While they are still glowing from cumming on someone and feeling like a man.

I get my hugs and kisses that way.

I don’t always need a dick. I love the hugs from men who are growing older and just need someone to make them feel like a man for a moment.

Give Them An Inch…


That saying, “Give someone an inch and they’ll take a mile”?

I’m gonna switch that up for fun. Give me a finger and I’ll take a foot.

Yep. Did that. Not fisted, footed.

footm in box

My pussy isn’t that big but it needs big things in it. And I am not big on foreign objects like wine bottles… but if a guy decides he wants his toes in me? Sure. Lets give that a try.

I came.

He came afterward. I don’t think foot fucking was what he had in mind but he was awesome and it was fun. Additionally? It was a first. And I LOVE firsts.

So? He foot fucked me raw.

foot fucked raw

I needed it. I felt pretty hot as I rode his foot, reading him dirty blogs and other filth from other people.

And whatever? I got what I wanted. He got surprised not even knowing what he wanted. We both walked away satisfied.  But today my lady parts need a break!

I took a fucking foot LMAO



End Result?

We got our groove on. I did call him the N word. He wanted it. Even though he doesn’t look ‘black’ (sorry if that sounds racist). I am just trying to describe a look. He has longer, thick, wavy hair and dark, piercing eyes.  He looks Indian, Bollywood style but also Native American. Such an exotic look.

And even though I gave into calling him what he wanted and saying terrible things to him? He also called me equally dirty words and spanked me a bit. I feel like we were equal LOL

That was a first. He was fun. Funny. I read him my original blog about him and he found it humorous, I think. After we were done and were reading comments? He found it even more funny.

He says he wants to see me again.

Things we connect on? Pics and videos. He took good pics and great video.  He has no issue with another man in the room so bukkake is fine. He is STD free and carries condoms (always a plus). And?

He was cute. Like really cute. Taller than me. Tanned skin with shaggy dark hair. Piercing eyes. Tattoos. Fit. He made it super easy to want to get that. Twice.

And that is the result of my first ever cross culture experience!


Call Me Your Nigger?

Yep. Just dropped the N bomb.

Why? Because I have never taken a black dick before and I have a mixed race guy who wants to come over and have me as his personal dessert.

I let him know I have never gone black. No disrespect about that. But when I tried to date a guy in high school I was just taught, in my family, that mixed race anything was not something I should invite in my life. I looked at the black hand holding mine and let go.

And tonight? I am going to take my first ever semi-black cock. I told him I don’t do that and this is really a first for me.

His response? He told me he wants me to call him my nigger.

Yep. Call him the N word and tell him how he needs to please his mistress’ white/pink pussy. He doesn’t want to enter me. Just finger and tongue. Plus provide me with weed n wine. And he wants to be my ‘good’ nigger.

I’m gonna roll with this and see where it goes. But just trying to get used to the word nigger rolling off my tongue in a sensitive way? AWKWARD!


Screwing The Milkman


The milkman? They don’t even have them anymore so you can tel how old he is by his nickname. I asked him what I should call him in my blog. He said he was a milkman back in the day. The olden golden days LOL

Yes. I bring sex to seniors.  They love a sweet ‘young’ thing like me giving them attention. And when I follow through on my flirting? It blows there fucking minds. It’s that reaction to my willingness I think is so cool. Seeing their delight as they get to see younger pussy for the first time in how many years? Feeling them drool all over me.

His shaky fingers, thick with arthritis? Yep, they got me off last night. And the dirty dog forgot his spectacles here so he is coming back today. He asked very politely if he could lick me again. Also asked if he could bring me wine. Old men are chivalrous that way.

So, apparently, I’ll be taking the milkman into my mix of men. Hopefully he keeps me filled up on cream!


Bukkake Dreams


Long before I took a dick in my pussy? When I still only had the hankering for munching box? I had bukkake dreams.





(Physiology) a sexual practice in which several men ejaculate on the face of an individual woman


Yep! I know it’s super slutty and dirty but I have longed for a bukkake facial for a long time. There is something about it that is so hot. All those men so hot and hard just jerking off in front of each other because they want to cum on you so much. I ache for it.

The concept of those men showering me with their cum? Something about that gets me off.

I shared that with a friend. He’s the kind of guy who is supportive of everything I want or desire in my life sexually. He’s sweet enough to make my dream come true.

Yes. I am going to have a Bukkake Dream Party. He put out an ad online to find the right guys. They have to provide a clean STD check to enter. He will make sure every guy is respectful and kind to me. He wants this for me as much as I want it.

I feel super excited. Special, that someone would hear what my fantasy is and arrange it for me with protection provided. It will be mid-September. Pics and videos will be taken.

I’m so fucking excited I get to have a long time dirty fantasy come true with the help and care of someone who appreciates my dark side.



My Teddy Bear

The great thing about dating several men, or having friends with benefits, is you can have all your needs met.

For example? Pussy Pro comes over, eats and fingers me while he is jerking off and then cums on me wherever he wants. It’s a certain kind of relationship that will only ever be that. I have another friend who likes to talk to me about all my dirty escapades. He likes the details and calls me his good lil’ slut. Good whore. I like to talk super trashy with him and I have plans to do very very sick things with him when he returns from his training stuff.

Then there is my Teddy Bear. He puts the ‘friends’ in friends with benefits. We met once while I was on another date and he happened to be in the same park. I knew I wanted to hang out with him again. He came to my place and hung out with me while I had a friend here so we had the chance to spend time together without the pressure of sex.

Last night? He came over to hang out with our first chance at privacy.

We both knew where the night was going to go. Still, we spent quite a bit of time listening to music, watching some comedy and talking about every subject imaginable. We have a connection. Same twisted humour, same views on sexuality. He reads my blog and knows he isn’t the only guy in my life. It’s fine because his situation is an open relationship. He doesn’t have a sense of jealousy about my other fun times. We talk very candidly about all of that. He told me establishing the intimacy is important to him. Sex gets better if you really know your partner.

So? He’s my intimacy guy. When I need someone to just come over, listen to me blabber on about things that probably bore them and then have really good sex? (yes, it was really good sex) He’s the one.

I really enjoy his company. He’s built like a football player so I feel really tiny in his arms. We laugh at the same things. Like the same movies/music.  And he’s quick to just put his arms around me and keep them there. Thus, my Teddy Bear.

Variety is bliss! Now… time to get ready for my date today LOL

Sex With Molly

I make it a practice to avoid hard drugs.  And that’s pretty easy around here. I don’t associate with drug users. I haven’t met any one who has tempted me. Easy.

Tonight I had a date with a guy who I have been chatting with online for a while now. He drove across the island to meet me. We both knew ahead of time that sex was on the table.

He provided the wine. And some weed, which is cool. And he had an array of pills on him (first clue this would be a one time thing, if anything)

I jokingly said,  “If you’re planning to roofie me it’s not necessary, I’m a sure thing tonight, Cosby.”   LOL

Turns out it wasn’t roofies.  It was his pal Molly.  Yep, pure MDMA. (that now explained his excessive groping as I tried to have a conversation). Would I like to try?

When has Shaunda said no to a first?  I asked for a half of one.

So that happened. I think all it really did for me was make sex with a stranger super fucking hot. I mean, he was cute and we laughed a lot before getting into anything. I really think it was Molly that made the experience feel more out of this world.

Truthfully? He was younger than I was and very cute. He did drive from across the island to see me. He brought wine. And weed! I did not need Molly.

My first (and let me be clear ONLY AND LAST) time with Molly was fun.  West Isle boy made sure I was safe. Lots of water but not too much. Of course, we were fucking, not ‘raving.

West isle boy? Well after the  Molly kicked in? We made out a lot. He loved to touch and feel all my fleshy spots. I love that. And haven’t had anyone just grab at me in a while.

He was all up on me, kissing  and just trying to touch and squeeze me everywhere.

We took it to the bed and suddenly I found? Even on Molly? He was a decent but not more than average lay. I mean, he’s gone already and I’m still rubbing up on couch cushions hoping they’ll come to life and do wicked things to me LOL

I had some orgasms. I loved everything that led up to them.  I’m thinking what I learned is the constant craving I have for something more? It’s not that I want more of any drug. But that I want more out of a lover.

Oh, and have I mentioned? I am still wide fucking awake. UGH… gotta try and sleep but this damn  Molly. She won’t let me sleep. Just awake and horny as fuck. Another lovely side effect.

Never again.


I decided to take down my dating profile.

It was fun while it’s been there. I have met some really nice people to talk to who don’t seem to have any real ambition to meet. Some people I’ve met and it’s been, well, fun blog fodder. Some are just total creepers asking bizarre questions of someone for a first message. Like, “If we go for a walk on the beach when we meet can I smell your feet after?” (Personally? “Hello” works better with me)

However in all of the hullabaloo that has been my current dating life I have met some pretty cool people. One wasn’t from my dating profile, just a local who is currently out of town but wants to meet when he gets back from his training thing.

The guys I’ve met online that I think are the best? Are the guys that pester me to meet them even if I’ve put them off (anxiety means I cancel). We meet, don’t have sex or even really fool around but they let me know they read my blog, get who I am or where I’m at. They just want to keep knowing me. They hope it means they will get into my panties.

It’s the select few I’ve laughed with that I want to keep around. A few guys stopped a few minutes to say hi as they were passing through my hood. Last minute they asked if they could pop in to put a face to the online conversations. Some others spent hours here. Visiting not only me but other people in my life and there was no pressure to ‘get me alone’.

Altogether, I’ve met a few. Might even call it a roster! But they are aware of the situation and still made the effort to make a friendship first. They all want to be with me and I am sexually attracted to all of them. Connection happened when they put friendship before box.

I think I have found a sufficient number of friends with benefits! I’m looking forward to having these really cool guys around in my life to spend time and have amazing fuck sessions with. I’m sure they will all let me tell stories and most have offered to be cameramen for me. But it will be more than that, too! Exactly what I needed.

Time to ditch the crazy of the online first dates for the comfort of being with familiar. That was a quick process. I’m glad!

More About My Pussy Pro


It’s become a regular adventure now. It’s still all about my pussy but things do get more exciting each time.

For example? I didn’t have to ask him about pictures. He offered. He went through the ones I liked and told me which were okay to share. With anyone. So here we go.

pussy pros fingers

He loves to start with his fingers in me. I’m usually pretty wet by the time he gets here just thinking about it. He asks me if I like the way he fingers me. I do. I make sure he knows it. And eventually? He always needs his tongue in me.

pussy pro

He tells me I am delicious. Keeps coming back for more.

How have we stepped it up? Two ways.

We took it outdoors.  I let him spread me wide over some driftwood on a semi-private beach. There was a house close by so we may have been seen but nothing happened of it.

And when he got to finger bang me on the beach? He finally took his cock out and jerked it of on me. No sex still. Just everything about it got him so turned on he had to smatter me with his cum. All over my pussy.


I think is about as far we will take it. I mean, we will continue to have our pussy fest rendezvous’. But I love that he doesn’t fuck me. And I love that I still don’t know his name.