Cream Pie


cream pie


The first time a man fucked me and went down on me during? I was blown away. He hadn’t cum though. When someone came in me for the first time? I was so amazed. When the two actions ‘came’ together? I had multiple orgasms from the idea of him being so hungry for my pussy he would eat his own cum. At least a bit. I remember some spitting involved.

I love to be cream pied. I got fixed so I could be cum in (with a trusted partner, not randoms, I don’t like STDS). I love to be dripping that juice. So many times afterward I like to finger myself with all the cum getting all over my hand. Licking it clean.

I think this is the downfall to being single.

Unless it is a regular friend with benefits or trusted someone? You don’t get to get cream pied. They could pull out, whip off the rubber and cum on my tits. Hot. But just not a cream pie. Also not anything I am looking for.

One thing I will miss about my ex? Cream Pie!

Dear Boobs Lover


cock in my tits
First? I want to thank you for following along on every topic, not just sex! It’s because you comment on every topic (even if it often has requests in your comments for boobs) that I feel inclined to make this post. That one is just an old pic of a cock in my tits.

You wanting to see my boobs? Well, I can understand why you ask. But they are NOT great boobs. So I am sharing them with you, well I guess with the world but at your request, because?

I told you in a comment I hated my tits at one point. When  I was 400 lbs? They were small and I was thinking? “What the hell? I can be huge everywhere but still nothing on my chest?” How the hell did that happen?

I’ve lost a lost of weight. And I have a lot of saggy everything everywhere.

THAT? Is how I learned to love my boobs. Those ittie bitties? If they had been giant when I was overweight? They’d be at my ankles right now. But I never had kids or giant boobs. So after losing all my weight?

I ended up with small breasts. But after losing weight and at my age? I go braless, fearless. My tiny tits hang a bit but my nipples point the right direction when I am sitting up and not leaning into a camera (meaning they point out not down when it is cold) and the boobs themselves won’t get more saggy… I am about as saggy as it gets.

My issue with taking this requested pic has been partly because it’s difficult to do alone and? My belly. It’s in the way in every naked selfie. It’s hard to take a boob pic without belly and alone that is hard to cover.

So, for the request, I am going to expose way more than I necessarily would. I’ll try to get a better pic if I get a photographer. But these are my boobs. One is the two boobs at a terrible angle  and the other a close up of the nipple. I have great nipples.

recent boobs



On request! xo to a fan!








Behind The Scenes

What a great story Young N Tender is, right?

But think of it again like a movie and let me tell you some behind the scenes clips. And because I find it all tragically hilarious? I’m calling them my outtakes.

Start off with? I had someone offer to buy me wine so I could have it by my fire. While buying said wine? I ran into a lady in my park, told HER I was gonna have a fire and if she wanted to come have a drink it would be okay.

**I always saw her as calm and quiet**

I am socially awkward but trying to meet women friends. She struck me as this really nice person who had given me smokes once. I thought it would be a couple ladies, well, and my friend who is looking to meet ladies, around a fire.

Her daughter came. And turns out she was supposed to have gone to another bonfire in the park but could that couple come over? One other couple? Sure.

That couple had invited people to their place and suddenly everyone was at my place.

So there I am hosting an accidental party when I begin to overhear people talking about drama in the park. I hate gossip to begin with but they were all sitting there talking about each other. Getting wildly drunk. Loud.

Mom and daughter? They ended up in a quarrel. I brought mom inside to calm her. Gave her some vodka, sucked her tits a bit.

After getting a grip? Meaning, she told me about her and daughter as I was on her tits with my mouth. I told her… I think you are both lovely women. I think I’ll be on your daughter later.

She shared a story about how they shared an 18 yr old boy. (GAME ON!)

Are you kidding? So much ghetto. So much wine. So much available and I know how to work ANY situation I want something in. SO ghetto. I feel like trailer trash.

But pussy getting trailer trash!!

Mom and I left my RV.

Then, I’m chatting up daughter (Kay) and another lady I really want to go back and get to know. The other lady (I will call Bette) was in her sixties and sat there asking me all about how it is I lived in the park eight months without meeting me? I told her about  how I wanted everyone around the yard. Like sexually. LOL She encouraged me to give details.

I was telling her about every person in the yard I found attractive and why (found out today one was her son I got very explicit about LOL) and she told me told get with any one in my space that wanted it. Whoa. I take the wisdom of my older women. And followed it.

I pursued everyone. I enjoyed the fire and everything.

When things got too loud? And things got a bit abrasive between all the people? I turned to my friend who is security, told him I was going inside. Couples were fighting. Mom and daughter were really getting into it face to face.

I gave up on getting laid. Anxiety. DONE!

Kay came in to see how I was….   things went from there. Story documented.

Security? He slept in his truck. Because he is the only one NOT bring drama to my life.

So behind the scenes?

As I was trying to get with a 19 yr old?

I tried to be patient. I got to listen to her music on YouTube. And I got to listen to every complaint she has about her awful mother (whose tits I had just sucked on). She insisted we dance. She downed my alcohol faster than I could (and I am an alcoholic).

19 yr old foreplay is great, eh? LMAO

Forget 19. At least 19 was trying to be there and in the moment. Her moment, but THE moment just the same.

Her MOM showed up at my door more than three times to check on her. AFTER everyone had left? In the middle of the night at 2am. She was so loud an belligerent she had to be removed by my ‘security’ who was sleeping in his truck for my privacy.

Other couples? Who were fighting amongst themselves? Brought it back to the fire I sent everyone home from.

How do you have reasonable sex with a newbie to girl on girl with all the hullabulloo?

In the end? Well, my blog said it all. We found a way through the crazy to make it happen.

But that is the behind the scenes version! Wasn’t as sexy as it I made it sound, eh?




Young N Tender


So, I know that I tend get over ex’s with sex. But this was surprise even to me.

Tonight? It was a just once thing. I lit a fire and slowly neighbours came by. Suddenly I had this accidental yard party and I got anxious. I went inside to hide.

Kay came in to make sure I was alright. She mentioned she noticed my tattoo (gay pride). She told me she really wants to be with a trans man whose was born with woman parts. Very fascinated about everything not hetero.

Oh. And she has never been with a woman.

Was that a hint? Invite? I just took it as both and I turned predator LOL

So, tonight. I had the most wonderful opportunity. HER first time with a woman. I made sure she was sure. With every step that I removed more of her clothing? I asked if it was okay and she was comfortable with it.

I took it very slow because she’s 19. And it was her first time with a woman.

Did I mention 19?

She was so soft. Not skinny but not fat. Big tits. But she is so young they are still round and tight to her chest. GREAT areoles. Such perfect nipples. She was so hesitant and shy with every move. It was so precious. Nervous but telling me to move forward.

Beautifully reluctant but willing. What a sexy combo. And she was sexy.

Young? Sure but this girl knew what she wanted. No tongue in the kissing but for sure on the nipples. As I tugged her jeans off to expose her pink panties? She made sure to push the panties in my face. She was ready.

Holy heck was she ready.

I began to kiss her sweet spot by pulling her panties to the side but I couldn’t get my tongue in deep enough. They had to come off. And they were still partially wrapped around my head while I completely explored her sweet, virginal (well, to women) pussy.

It’s been so many years. Since I’ve been with a woman. She was just so juicy and sexy. So soft. SO wanting and ready. Ripe. Tender. OMG so fucking delicious.

After we were done? I told her I was grateful that she wanted me to be her first. I thanked her for giving me that gift. I told her that pleasuring her meant a LOT to me.

She was oddly proud of it like it was a cross off her bucket list. Maybe two things… old and woman? LMAO

Long story short? Tonight? I needed to feel mentally/emotionally disconnected from my ex. As a result of epic flirting? I totally got to sex up a 19 year old hot chick.

When you say ‘GOT LUCKY’? Oh yeah….


The Last Fight

How did it start?

We planned to make love. He wanted to eat my pussy for hours before giving me his cock! And I wanted it. Prepared by shaving my everything’s, doing my hair and generally making sure I was sexy.

Before we got into anything though?

I had been thinking about a comment made on my blog about sex. (But… The SEX!) In general, I’d already been thinking about how sex was affecting our ability to make decisions about the truth of our relationship.

I’ve been told what I did was a woman move. Like that is a bad thing. Whatever.

I stopped kissing and looked at him. I said, “I know things have been weird. We’ve been so disconnected but we reach out to each other through sex.  I love you but I’ve been holding back my heart from sex because of our situation. Tonight? If we do this? It’s because I made a choice to give you back my heart. This will be making love and I need to know you’re all in.”

I’m a bit lost on how it went after that but we didn’t make love. We argued. He packed. I wanted to die. There was back and forth texts about it all before I passed out from wine and my meds. Kinda hoping I would die.

He came back and broke in to see if I was really dead. He slept in the bed.

I woke up this morning to him here and was thinking WHAT THE FUCK? He woke up, we argued more.

Then he hit me.

There is a lot I can tolerate. Name calling, swearing, having to support someone financially…..  but I won’t be hit.

I was in that kind of relationship once. I learned if they hit once? They hit.

And that was our last fight. He is gone. I will not let him back. I have people around me watching to make sure I am left alone. Cops are always available as a last resort. But I don’t think he will come back.

It’s over now. Great sex or not, no one gets to hit me.

But… The SEX!


spread open

Paul and I both agree that our amazing sex always confuses any kind of break-up.

We argue and decide he is leaving but we want to be amicable. Neither one of us wants  to hurt the other. He packs but stays. The constant view of him packed to leave me makes me anxious 24/7. (just an anxiety/mental health thing)

And after two days of being pleasant to each other?  While we wait for him to be able to leave but not be homeless?

It gets confusing.

He can tell my broken ankle hurts so he wants to rub it. I can see his back hurts and I want to put pain cream on it. He rubs my feet, I rub his back,  I make us dinner,  he fixes the plugged drain…  then we laugh at the same time over an inappropriate joke. It all leads to intimacy.

The minute we lay a hand on each other? Arguments and disagreements be damned. Just a brush against each other can light us up. Suddenly all animosity is forgotten and all we want is to be in each others embrace.

We are each mad for the other’s body.

magnificent dick n abs

I love his lean, strong muscles and long arms that wrap all the way around me. I love how tall he is and that I feel small in his arms. I love his cock and how it gets hard when he’s rubbing my feet. I feel him getting hard against my ankles. I love the shape of his face. I love the way his eyes meet mine.

He has long fingers that do dark and dirty things to me. He’s so ‘long’ everywhere. His toes can touch mine while his one hand is buried in me and the other is tangled in my hair while he’s kissing my neck, my breasts. He covers me with himself.

I love his body.

I know he loves my body.

The way he grabs me makes my eyes roll back in my head. It’s like he grabs hold of everything I hate (my fleshy, flabbiness)  and as he pulls me toward him with that flesh in his grasp? He looks right in my eyes and tells me I am the sexiest woman ever. He appreciates I don’t hide the things I hate about myself from him. He loves my taste and smell. I feel like I want to give him every thing I have ever held back.

We do things ‘lights on’! He LOVES all the fleshiness and he wants to look at everything as he touches it.  The things I hate the most about my body are what he makes me feel the MOST sexy about.

For example?

As much as I display it? As much as I touch it? I kinda hate my pussy.

I’ve lost a lot of weight. I have hanging skin issues everywhere. I don’t shave as often as I should.

I made the mistake of picking up a granny porn mag once (just to flip through as a joke) and suddenly? I saw myself and my flabby body in those pics. It was awful. I see my own flabby body in the many pics I erase before finding that one to expose to the world.

But Paul makes me feel like a goddess. Every day. No matter what I look like naked on the other end of a camera. He gets hard touching my feet. My feet! And when he touches me, anywhere, I want to give him everything because I know he only sees beauty.

It’s very hard to live with someone who you are so sexually attracted to when you are trying to amicably break up.  We can’t resist and it leads to feelings like we can make up.

So, how much does sex really play in the role of a relationship? How do you let it go?


All Mine!

magnificent dick n abs


There IT is. That’s MY cock.

Oh yeah. Pretty much any time I want! All I need to do is bare my boobies or bend over all coy and the cock is ready to play with. Heck, we could just be watching Netflix and if I reach over to get a feel? It hardens in my hand like my own personal lollipop.

It responds to everything I do.

It twitches and jerks in my mouth when I use my tongue just right. When I have my hand wrapped around it and my other cupping the balls? It oozes with delight just getting reday to slide into me. Hand jobs are so easy with a slippery dick.

You don’t really get the full idea of it’s size from this pic. I know, right? Yes, it does go past his belly button. But it’s much thicker in person.

I haven’t had kids but I’ve been around the block so I don’t consider myself ‘virginal’ down there. However I seem to have to work that cock in every time. Slow like. Even when I’ve been loosened up by tongue and fingers? That very large member has a difficult time working in.

And it’s all mine. Mmmm….

“Will You Poop On Me?” (Anna Ferris)

I watched a movie recently. Movie 43. It’s the rudest, crudest movie I have ever LOVED.

One scene had has a poop feature. I’m not a spoiler so I won’t shit the details on ya. Worth a watch though.

But what about when someone asks you to do something you aren’t interested in?

I used to be on webcam and got many a request I would not fulfill. Put my empty wine bottle in my ass? NO. Pee on my roommate? NO. It was easy to say no to ‘out there’ requests from randoms on a webcam feed.

So when the person you love asks you for something? And your first thought is… “are you twisted?”  How do you respond?


My love brought up something recently that I laughed at. We laughed about it, a running joke because it’s a familiar issue outside of the request. (sorry to be vague but it really it kinda personal)

It IS a joke. But the more we talk and joke and laugh….. the more it has become something that might happen. It was HIS suggestion. And a joke.

So does something so weird shared between two people get qualified as a fetish? It’s not something either of us ever thought of or wanted from another person before. It’s completely a joke but seems somehow something I suddenly WANT (even though it’s NOT my thing). I want it just to say I buckled up and did it.

Regardless of the title… I do not want him to poop on me. It’s just something far more innocent but equally weird.

So….   when you are faced with a strange thing? Do you do it?

I did once. I found out I like something I never knew I could. (Panty Stuffing )

Maybe I’d like what we’ve been joking about.


Fair Trade?


This morning was one of the first times in a long time Paul came to me, fresh out of the shower, and just opened his towel. He was hard as a rock. He’d been thinking about me…

I took his cock in my mouth. I was a bit startled by his boldness (he tends to be shy) and rewarded it with an enthusiastic knob gobbling until he came all over my chest. Mmm, mmm good times!

Tonight? We were both freshly showered, I was freshly shaved and he wanted to return the favour.

So we made out. I was still toweled and he was so eager… I came just from the eagerness.

He took me too the bed and went down on me. It was pre-gamed by a lot of deep kissing (something he is an expert at) and some teenage style groping (mostly on my part LOL) but as soon as his lips and tongue even started to enter my freshly shaved box? I came again.

Sooner than later? He was in me. He pulled me up on him so I could ride. He was penetrating me so deep from underneath I cried out a bit and he laid me down. He kissed me gently and I tugged hard at his shoulders.

I worked my way down his back to his taught ass and pulled him harder into me. He looked at me, kissed me hard and thrust deep as I came more hard than the first times.

And I was spent while he was still hard.

He’s amazing. It’s okay I finished and he didn’t. It’s weird because that is usually the other way around for couples.

Ah, he came on my chest this morning. Don’t I deserve to cum three times?



Build An Ark (My Stripper Song LOL)


I am so grateful that Paul will take pictures of me, so self exposing, and has no issues (as my partner) with my sharing them into the world. He did remind me one day recently, “Shaunda, everyone in the world who reads your blog gets to see your cunt. Sometimes my friends read it.”

I looked at him and said, “I told you that pic was for my blog to show your point of view.” He agreed. “You know anyone who has my last name or my previous webcam name can find pictures of my pussy online already anyway?” Of course he does but he reminded me he has never searched for them himself.

I asked if he was upset about me showing it. It was a strange conversation but in the end I get the feeling he just wanted to remind me that online is forever and if I want anything private I shouldn’t put it online.

I assured him I have always wanted to show it.

My ‘privates’ have never been private. I shared them in church as a pre-schooler by exposing them every time people bowed for prayer. I let other kids touch them all the time while growing up. My ‘best friend’ and I used to look at and touch each others ‘privates’ on the regular when we were in kindergarten to grade 3.

As I grew older, got a bone disease and gained weight? I lost a body I wanted to show off.  What I was left with was fantasy.

My fantasy ran wild with ideas of me being thin enough to be in the porn mags I read in the barn or stole from the store. I longed to be a stripper and would practice in my bedroom to the only music I was really allowed.

The Cathedrals. This is the link for the music. Build An Ark

Did you listen?

Now picture a slightly chubby, 11 year old girl. Her only desire is to have her pussy looked at. She has the most vague concept that ‘strippers’ take clothes off to music. Banished to clean her bedroom? She cranks her tunes on loud and while dancing around her bedroom she mimicks what she thinks a stripper would do.

I knew instinctively that ‘stripping’ should kind of go with the lyrics. I would make wild hammering motions, twirling like my figure skating lessons, ‘building my ark’ and getting naked out of my church approved culottes while my song played over and over (no, not repeat…  rewind and replay LOL)

I’m pretty sure my stripping skills have improved but I think one day for comedic purposes I should get out my camera and tool belt and find some sexy way to ‘Build An Ark”