Lil’ Girls N Curly Twirls

I’m a dress up doll!

When I didn’t grow hair as a child? My 4 year old inner princess wore a towel as my ‘wig’ because my neighbour friend had gorgeous ginger curls I was jealous of.

I’ve had hair ever since that is thin. Lacks in luster.

When I was in Winnipeg? I was PRINCESS! I adorned hair pieces. I loved pretending I have hair. It was fun! In Alberta? I gifted my wigs to a twelve year old who was so grateful she cried.

Now, I’m in BC. I have ‘dollar store, hair dyed, trailer park, pony tails’! It’s all good 🙂 I’m okay with it.


I was in the mall yesterday. ICING by Claires. I was getting a wallet but I walked over to the hair stuff. Looking at their cheap faux hair clips, etc.

A mother was there with two girls. One girl in her teens and very interested in everything glamour. The other girl in her soccer uniform showing obvious disgust but kinda secret interest in the things her older sister was looking at.

The younger one grabbed a clip on pony tail and said , “Who would even wear this?”

I smiled her.

“Ya, know? The most fun thing about a pony tail you can clip on is that it can come off!”

She had this short little bob cut. I asked her if it was okay to show her and she agreed as her mom smiled. I took her to the mirror. When I pulled the lil’ bob cut back? Shaved under.  I just smiled.

“So, you have short hair and it is shaved underneath. I bet you play a lot of sports. And I bet you can make a Mohawk outta this hair cut!”

“Is your hair shaved underneath because you like the air? You’ve got thick hair.”

She said yes to both of those!

“Do you want to know why girls like your sister wear these crazy hair thingy’s?”

Yes, again.

I got a quick ‘nod of approval’ from mom before I pulled a hair tie out of my pocket and pulled back her hair. Her hair matched the color of the clip in pony tail perfect. I put her hair up, clipped in the fake hair and grabbed a tiara.

She laughed and danced in the mirror. And I told her, “Some girls wear FAKE pony tails because short hair is easy, but long hair is fun. You can have both.”

You’ve never seen a prettier soccer princess in your life. She hugged her sister. Mom got her both the pony tail and the tiara! I think I helped make a girl into a princess 🙂





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